Travis Henry to Chicago Bears and Why It Could Happen

david bonowContributor IJune 3, 2008

Here in Chicago, our football team is based on two key positions: Linebacker and runningback.

We are blessed to have two All-Pro's at the linebacking position, headed by Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. What we are not blessed to have is Cedric "boo-boo" Benson and the wrong Adrian Peterson in the backfield.

Remember the late great Walter Payton? I do, he was my childhood hero. It's easy to see Benson is no "Sweetness." Hell, he's not even Raymont Harris—on a good day.

We can all get excited about this kid from Tulane, but aren't we getting ahead of ourselves? Benson, Enis, Salaam, do those names mean anything to you?

You want to give our running game a chance? I've got a name drop for you.

Travis Henry.

Just released by Denver, Henry would give us an experienced back and some real competition for Benson in the backfield. Henry does have some issues, but they're nothing compared to Benson's baggage. Henry is also young enough to stick around awhile. Just a couple years ago, he was putting up solid numbers with Tennessee.

I say bring in Henry, let him compete with Benson and Forte for the starting job, and use Peterson exclusively on special teams. As usual I don't expect anything big from Mr. Angelo, but hey, at least we have Briggs back.


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