Lakers vs. Celtics: Who Will Take the Crown?

tee polkAnalyst IJune 3, 2008

So, it's down to the final two teams!

Lakers vs. Celtics, the battle of the ages, Bird vs. Magic, McHale vs. Kareem! Who would have thought that these two teams would ever once again play down to the wire for the NBA championship?!

The Lakers finished off the defending champ San Antonio Spurs, and the Celtics destroyed the Detroit Pistons, but this will be the best series known to man, because you have two teams who are well-deserving of being crowned champions.

Can Kobe win it all without Shaq? Is his supporting cast talented enough to bring the trophy back to LA? Will Kobe have to score 40 to 50 points?

These are some questions that surround the Lakers organization, because everyone is waiting to see if Kobe is really the next Jordan.

Boston Celtics had the best record in the NBA, but are they really good enough to win it all this year? Can Ray Allen find that stroke and make reliable shots? Who is going to stop KG in the post? Will Paul Pierce have a great series like the one against the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Wow, this will be an epic series with some great superstars, and players who are looking to make names for themselves, such as Rondo, Perkins, and Posey for the Celtics, and Farmar, Gasol, and Vujaic for the Lakers. Who will win?

The Celtics have the edge defensively, but the Lakers have the edge on the offensive side of the court. As long as the game stays under 90 points, then the Celtics will win, but if it gets up in the 90's or higher, then the Lakers have the edge in my book.

But, too much Garnett inside and outside will be the difference, and that is why the Celtics will take it in six.

Sorry Lakers fans.


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