ESPN's Mike and Mike Have Good Laugh at New Orleans Saints' Expense

Randy SavoieAnalyst IIOctober 17, 2009

Mike Greenberg, the poor man's Bob Costas, and his sidekick Mike Golic, yukked it up pretty good at the undefeated New Orleans Saints' expense this week:

"The New Orleans Saints a three-point favorite over the Giants this week in New Orleans...ha ha ha ha...that's going to be one of my stone-cold lead pipe locks this week big guy...yuk yuk yuk yuk...thanks for beating me to it Greenie...ha ha ha ha."

Stevie Wonder can see these two have their laps firmly planted on the hindquarters of the Giants and Jets and anything East Coast. Greenberg's ignorance of college football and hatred of the Southeastern Conference was on full display when he wondered aloud if an undefeated Cincinnati team should play for a national championship.

"LOL...maybe all that cold weather in Bristol is freezing his brain...LOL...ought to come down South and thaw out sometime Greenie...ha ha ha ha."

Of course, I am quite sure not many in New Orleans heard Greenberg's condescending remarks about the Saints given the show's decade-long interminably low ratings in New Orleans.

They have bounced from station-to-station in New Orleans over the years posting a 1 share in the Arbitron's compared to city's top-rated morning show, Walton & Johnson, with an 18 share.

In football, the equivalent of that would be getting beat 55 to 3.

"It's time for our stone-cold lead pipe locks Golic...I'm starting with the Saints and the Giants big guy...The Saints are a three-point favorite...yuk yuk yuk...the Giants are 5-0...I'm taking the Giants to win straight-up Golic...ha ha ha ha...and ground the high-flying Saints...After all, Eli Manning's numbers on the deep ball are much better than Drew Brees..."

"I agree with you on that pick Greenie...ha ha ha beat me to it...yuk yuk yuk yuk..."

According to Mike and Mike, the Saints haven't beaten a real team all year. They've always got some damned excuse:

"The Jets had an off day offensively...McNabb was injured...The sun was shining...Sanchez had birdshit in his eye..."

Always some excuse for the Saints beating the hell out of their beloved East Coast darlings.

Nevertheless, Greenie the Weenie, an affectionate term used by some of his ardent fans, prides himself on his unparalleled work ethic and diligent preparation and never fails to remind us of his painstaking attention to detail and yada yada yada.

For a guy who studies so much it seems strange he failed to mention that the Giants haven't beaten anyone this year.

Their five victories came against teams with a combined 5-20 record. Three of their five victories came against winless Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Oakland. They beat a Washington Redskin team in utter disarray and an average-at-best Dallas Cowboys.

"Have any of you heard this? G--damnit! I'm sick and tired of what the New York media elite is saying about us! The papers, television, fans, Ike and Ike on ESPN—everybody out there is trying to make us look like some Bourbon Street, Pat O'Brien's Hurricane drinking pushovers; we're back to being a laughing stock."

"They're ridiculing us and who we are, all that we've accomplished this season, making jokes about us and I'm sick of it. I can't take this. I just can't take this shit anymore."

"I had to tell you this, fellas; I had to tell you because you've got to put a stop to it; you've got to help me get this control of this thing. It's absolutely unforgivable that this organization is being mocked! Will you help me? Can you shut up that Bob Costas-wanna-be Mike Greenberg?

Can you stop this crap from continuing any longer? Can you stuff it down their g--damn throats??

Yeah, Greenie and Golic had a good laugh at New Orleans expense this week and I'm sure if the Saints win on Sunday...

"Well, poor Eli's foot was bothering him again Golic...yeah that's it big guy...and the Giants were banged up on defense...well, I guess this proves the Minnesota Vikings are the team to beat now in the NFC..."

Word has it these Giants are hurting on defense: Boley, Canty, Ross, Brown, and Kehl. This may not bode well for the visitors especially when you're getting ready to take on the league's most lethal offense—Brees,Thomas, Bell, Colston, Henderson, Shockey, and well, the list goes on and on and you get the picture.

It may not be a fair fight Sunday afternoon in the Superdome.

Kind of like when five foxes and two chickens are voting on what to have for dinner.


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