Ranking Every Woman's Odds of Winning Historic WWE Elimination Chamber Match

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 6, 2018

Ranking Every Woman's Odds of Winning Historic WWE Elimination Chamber Match

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    Credit: WWE.com

    We now know who will step inside the first women's WWE Elimination Chamber match, but who will walk out of that cruel steel structure with the Raw Women's Championship?

    Alexa Bliss isn't the long shot she might seem to be. The Goddess of WWE is one of the favorites to outlast the competition and head to WrestleMania with gold in hand.

    On Monday, Raw general manager Kurt Angle announced the five Superstars who will enter the Chamber to challenge Bliss: Bayley, Sasha Banks, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Mickie James.

    The winner will face Royal Rumble winner Asuka at WrestleMania 34 in April. Nia Jax may be added to the mix should she defeat The Empress of Tomorrow at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Feb. 25.

    The following is a look at the chances of each Chamber entrant based on their spot on the WWE food chain, their past success and how much the company would want to book a match with them against Asuka. Odds are the author's opinion.

6. Mandy Rose (100-1)

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    The New York Knicks aren't winning the NBA Finals this year, The First Purge isn't winning an Oscar, and Rose vs. Asuka isn't happening at WrestleMania.

    Rose is the rawest wrestler in the Elimination Chamber field. She shows flashes of promise between awkward, unsure moments. There's no way WWE pushes her into the WrestleMania spotlight at this stage. 

    If WWE was going to elevate her to championship status, she would have probably had a better showing at the Royal Rumble. Rose lasted less than four minutes in the Battle Royal and didn't eliminate anyone, per WWE.com.

    The Golden Goddess does have the advantage of being able to team up with Deville during the Elimination Chamber bout, but that's not enough to bet on her come Feb. 25.

5. Sonya Deville (50-1)

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    Like Rose, Deville is inexperienced and has only been on the main roster since late November.

    The difference between the Absolution members is that Deville's gimmick and presence make her a more believable threat to Asuka. One could better imagine the former MMA fighter having a shot thanks to her strikes.

    The timing isn't right for Deville to be on such a big stage, though.

    The rookie's a work in progress who has looked pretty good thus far. None of that speaks to her being WrestleMania marquee-worthy. The more established stars of the women's division make more sense to be champ at the biggest show of the year. 

4. Mickie James (10-1)

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    James would have an excellent match against Asuka. WWE can be confident in that regard.

    She's more well-known than both Rose and Deville and is a more legit contender than those two newbies from Absolution. Still, she's been mostly portrayed as a midcarder since her return.

    Aside from a title feud with Bliss last October, James has not sat near the top of the division.

    James has only wrestled in four PPV matches in the past two years, and she's lost all of them, per CageMatch.net. To go from that position to the champion who faces Asuka in her first WrestleMania showdown is far from likely.

3. Bayley (7-3)

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    Should Bayley and Asuka meet at WrestleMania, WWE has a rich history to dip into. They were rivals when both were at NXT. Bayley was unable to topple The Empress of Tomorrow back then and couldn't knock her off on Monday's Raw, either.

    There's an opportunity here to tell a compelling story of redemption and elevate Bayley in a huge way.

    Bayley has been champion before. She's been the star of the women's division. She has proved that she and Asuka can produce an excellent match.

    Doubts start to emerge about her chances, however, when one thinks of how little the company has focused on her since she dropped the Raw Women's Championship last April. While Bliss and Banks have had spotlight to bask in, Bayley has been treated as more of a middle-of-the-pack fighter. 

2. Alexa Bliss (11-8)

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    The announcers are sure to play up how much the odds are stacked against Bliss at Elimination Chamber with five challengers gunning for her at once, but she has one of the best shots of emerging from that structure the victor.

    WWE has made it clear it thinks highly of her as she has been both Raw and SmackDown champ. And she has held the red brand's title now for longer than anyone in the championship's history, per WWE.com.

    Bliss vs. Asuka would be an entertaining match, even if it wouldn't be as good as Bayley or Banks going toe-to-toe with the undefeated star. Bliss' strength is the vocal side of the game, which would be huge en route to WrestleMania as Asuka's English language skills are limited.

    WWE teased this collision, too, when Asuka first announced she was entering the Royal Rumble. The two faced off then and in a Jan. 1 bout where both seemed to be holding back, saving their best fight for a bigger stage.

    Plus, Bliss may have something up her sleeve. She saved James from a beatdown Monday night, hinting at least at an attempt to form an alliance with her old pal and rival. 

1. Sasha Banks (5-4)

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    There is no one in the women's Elimination Chamber match WWE has turned to more in big spots than The Boss.

    Banks was in the first women's Hell in a Cell match. The first time women headlined a Takeover, she was there. The same for a WWE PPV. Banks has been in the last two Raw Women's Championship matches at WrestleMania.

    That speaks to the company's confidence in her.

    She and Asuka would tear down the house. The two just did so on Raw last Monday. Given a bigger stage, all the hype that comes with a WrestleMania and a chance to build on their personal issues, an absolute show-stealer would be on its way.

    Banks, like Bayley, has a story of redemption waiting to be told as she's lost the Raw Women's Championship in short order each time she's won it.