NFC Power Rankings: Week Eight

Richard ReschCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 25:  A general view of the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on October 25, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

1. Saints (6-0)

They didn't play great, but they turned a 21 point deficit into a 12 point win. With the Vikings' loss, they are unquestionably the NFC's elite right now. (Last Week: 1)

2. Vikings (6-1)

Not shocking that they lost to the defending champs in Pittsburgh. They were right there with them for most of the game, so Vikings fans shouldn't be at all worried. This is still the best team in the NFC North. (2)

3. Cowboys (4-2)

They finally looked as good as they act this week in dominating a good Falcons team. With Miles Austin a starter, Tony Romo has found a new #1 who is actually better than Terrell Owens was last year. Austin could be the breakout player of the year. (9)

4. Cardinals (4-2)

They beat a good Giants team on the road in prime time. Kurt Warner was held in check but the defense actually bailed out the offense this week. When they are firing on all cylinders on both sides of the ball, it is easy to see how they made the Super Bowl last year. (7)

5. Falcons (4-2)

I still think this is a good team, but if Falcons fans want to start worrying, I wont blame them. They were outplayed and out-coached by a good Cowboys team, but I was disappointed that they didn't really compete for a full 60 minutes. (3)

6. Eagles (4-2)

They looked pretty good disposing of the Redskins, although it ended up only being a ten point win. Westbrook's health is again an issue, although it's always a bad idea to bet against him. They haven't beaten a tough team yet, and nine of their last ten games are against quality opponents. (6)

7. Giants (5-2)

In games against real competition, the Giants are now 1-2. Giants players should look themselves in the mirror and decide who they are because Giants fans have no idea what to expect anymore. I think they are better than the seventh best NFC team, but right now their resume is unimpressive. This week's game against the Eagles will tell a lot. (4)

8. Packers (4-2)

Like the Giants, they have dominated terrible teams and have been less than stellar against real competition. Seven of their ten remaining games are against quality opponents. (8)

9. Bears (3-3)

After two losses to good teams, the Bears are back at .500. I really don't know what to expect out of this team, but they need to get better quarterback play than they did this week. With the defense lacking its main man, it could all depend on the play of Jay Cutler. (5)

10. 49ers (3-3)

The switch to Alex Smith gave the offense some mojo, but they fell just short of a huge comeback to the Texans. It looks like Smith will stick as starting QB, and he'll get a tough test with the Colts. If he can keep playing this well every week, the pieces are in place for the 49ers to make the playoffs. Former first round pick Vernon Davis is having a breakout year. (10)

11. Seahawks (2-4)

The Seahawks face the Cowboys after a week off. They could be tough on any given Sunday, but they won't be making a run at the playoffs. (12)

12. Panthers (2-4)

After losing to the Buffalo Bills, their season is officially over. The Panthers can now start tanking in order to land a rookie QB to replace Jake Delhomme. (11)

13. Lions (1-5)

After a week off, the Lions take on the hapless Rams. A win here and the Lions could be a part of the Rams' very own 0-16 season. (13)

14. Redskins (2-5)

On the bright side, they didn't lose to a winless team this week. During the bye week, Jim Zorn will be working on his resume. No one will fault him if he accidentally forgets to mention this season. (15)

15. Bucs (0-7)

This is what the good people of England are forced to watch? (14)

16. Rams (0-7)

Somehow Steven Jackson managed to break 100 yards on the ground again, despite being their only offensive weapon. (16)


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