Countdown To WWE TLC: The TLC Edition

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2009

Welcome to back to Countdown To WWE TLC, but this time it's the TLC Edition and here are the matches.

Before I get to the TLC matches, I wanna send thanks to Switchfoot. Their theme song "Bullet Soul" is the theme song for WWE TLC. It's off the album Hello, Hurricane and it's In Stores Now.



Christian © vs Shelton Benjamin

The ECW Championship Match hasn’t been on a Pay-Per-View card since Breaking Point when Christian defeated William Regal to retain the belt. That changed two days after Survivor Series.

Right after Shelton Benjamin was victorious over the flamboyant Zack Ryder on ECW, Christian had an opportunity to make something happen for the WWE TLC PPV.

Captain Charisma wanted to face Shelton Benjamin in a match not with the ECW Championship involved but a match that they both love to participate and that’s the Ladder Match.

Lately, both Christian and Benjamin have both teamed up to face the Ruthless Roundtable led by William Regal.

After they both were victorious alongside Yoshi Tatsu over The Roundtable in the Six Man Tag Team Match, business picked up at the end between these two. Both men were arguing standing on top of the ladder to see who was gonna be ECW Champion at TLC.

Captain Charisma knows how what it means to be in a Ladder Match. He’s won Tag Team Gold in TLC Matches with his brother Edge and participated in the Money In The Bank match at WrestleMania 25th Anniversary.

He’s not alone as the Gold Standard has been in countless Ladder Matches whether it was for the Tag Team Championship or Money In The Bank.

Christian wanted to a challenge and a match that could steal the show at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs. However, could that challenge come back to haunt him against a guy that has the same abilities and is familiar with Ladder Matches as the ECW Champion himself?

At WWE TLC, can Christian leave the Ladder Match still the ECW Champion? Or will The Gold Standard himself win his first ECW Championship? Don’t miss out on this must-see match at WWE TLC.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize image This is a match that I look forward to. Two guys that are experienced and driven when it comes to Ladder Matches. I think this is the match that would be the show-stealer at TLC, especially over the top matches.

PREDICTION: Christian. This is tough but I’m a have to go with Captain Charisma. It’s tough because these guys knows what it means the be in the Ladder Matches and have been in more than one ladder matches, whether it was a single or tag team match. With the ECW Championship on the line, it will be a fun match.


Undertaker © vs. Batista

Batista has been on a rampage since his heel turn at Bragging Rights. He destroyed Rey Mysterio after the Fatal Four Way Match at the PPV for the World Heavyweight Championship. Until this day, he claims that Mysterio betrayed him by costing him the World Championship.

Then at Survivor Series, The Animal decimated the Master of the 619 by because he couldn’t continue the match after three Batista Bombs. Then he slammed Mysterio on the cold hard steel chair leaving him to be carried out on a stretcher.

Few days later on Smackdown, Batista’s merciless attitude rewarded him a title shot against The Undertaker at WWE TLC in a Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

He defeated The Phenom’s brother Kane in a No. 1 Contender’s Match by countout by using a chair outside the ring. He still wasn’t satisfied.

Later on, Batista was doing color commentary. Well, sort of as he scouting the match between The Undertaker and Chris Jericho.

As soon as The Deadman was about to give the Last Ride, Batista chop-blocked him from behind which Undertaker won by disqualification. Batista destroyed The Undertaker with the chair.

One week later, The Undertaker was gonna call out The Animal but it came back to bite him in the end.

As soon as The Deadman would go to the ring, Batista came from behind and attacked the World Heavyweight Champion with a steel chair and laid him out in the ring with the belt in his hands.

Batista let it be known to the WWE Superstars and Universe that’s he not in the business to make friends. He admits he’s all about money and becoming World Heavyweight Champion.

These two have had epic matches moments in 2007, from the first match at WrestleMania 23, to Batista spearing Undertaker off the stage at Backlash in which both were laid out, then to the hellacious Hell In A Cell match at Survivor Series.

Will The Animal win his fifth World Championship? Or will The Deadman once again be victorious? Find at WWE TLC.

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image It will be a good match but to be honest the Chairs Match doesn’t do it for me. I’ve enjoyed watching these two go at it but I could care less about this match.

PREDICTION: Undertaker. I don’t think the WWE will just put the strap on Batista just yet maybe never. I do feel Undertaker will one day lose that World Championship but not This Sunday in San Antonio. I do see him and Jericho going at it sooner than later.


John Cena © vs Sheamus

Since his arrival in the WWE, Sheamus has made an impact. First he was dominate on ECW beating the likes of Goldust and Shelton Benjamin. Then came RAW, where he took the brand by storm.

First, he decimated Jamie Noble and ending his career with a devastating powerbomb outside the ring. Then he took the timekeeper and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler with one boot. However, the Celtic Warrior’s path of destruction continued.

He played a vital role at Survivor Series by winning the Traditional Survivor Series Match with Team Miz defeating Team Morrison.

Then the next night on RAW, he defeated Finlay for a spot in the “Break-Through” Battle Royal Match made by WWE Hall Of Famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

It’s a match where there are wrestlers who never held a World Championship in their career. At the end, Sheamus reigned supreme and won the Battle Royal for at shot at John Cena for the WWE Championship at WWE TLC.

After the two signed the contract, not only Sheamus had a problem with Cena but Ventura. He questioned how John Cena is successful in the WWE and says there’s a conspiracy theory behind it which didn’t sit well with Cena.

As Cena went to confront Ventura, Sheamus delievered a boot to Cena and slammed him through the table. That’s when Ventura announced at the first annual WWE TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) that the Cena-Sheamus match would be a Tables Match.

Not only Ventura was vocal about the five-time WWE Champion but so was Carlito. Carlito claims that not only he was in favor of Sheamus beating John Cena but the superstars whoever they are on RAW, Smackdown, and ECW are in favor as well because of his success in and outside the ring.

Cena, however, sent a message to Sheamus by giving an Attitude Adjustment to Carlito.

On the Dec. 7 edition of RAW, the two adversaries crossed paths once again but in a showdown set up by RAW’s guest host and Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban. Sheamus not only attacked John Cena but put Cuban through a wooden table as a prelude to things to come at WWE TLC.

John Cena had to go through hell to get to the promise land to be WWE Champion. He went through a three month battle with Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship.

Then last month at Survivor Series, he had to overcome the challenge of D-Generation X members Triple H & Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Match to retain the championship.

Now he goes into a match which is simple. To win the Tables Match to be WWE Champion, you have to put your opponent through a table to win.

This is not gonna be an easy task for Mr. Attitude Adjustement against the ruthless Irishman who has been on a warpath on RAW. Sheamus has proven, no matter who you are he will go through anyone, even if it’s John Cena, to be WWE Champion.

At TLC, will Sheamus complete his mission by defeating WWE’s Golden Boy? Or will John Cena do what he does best and that’s overcoming adversity and retaining his WWE Championship? Find out This Sunday in San Antonio and see who goes through the table. 

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image We finally get to see these two go at it. It's been a lot of animosity between these two ever since Sheamus won the Battle Royal. We finally get to see someone different to challenge for the WWE Championship.

PREDICTION: John Cena. Sheamus has been impressive since his debut on ECW and his arrival on RAW, still I think Cena will win this but it won’t be easy. The Celtic Warrior will not bow down easy but Cena has to stick with his gameplan and weaken Sheamus.

I’m 50-50 with putting Sheamus in this position for a World Title this early but if he’s puts on a good showing win or lose, no question he will be a WWE or World Champion but not this Sunday.

Cena gives Sheamus the Attitude Adjustment through the table and keep his belt.




Chris Jericho & Big Show © vs D-Generation X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels)

Jeri-Show has been in full affect since Chris Jericho anointed Big Show as one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions after Edge’s injury on July 3.

Jericho’s smarts came into play where he used a special clause in a contract to choose any wrestler in case The Rated-R Superstar was too get injured which he did.

It has paid dividends ever since Night Of Champions.

First, they were dominant in their debut as tag team champs over Legacy. Then at SummerSlam, they retained their belts against Cryme Tyme thanks to a knockout punch by Big Show to JTG.

After that they defeated MVP & Mark Henry at Breaking Point and former friends Batista & Rey Mysterio at Hell In A Cell.

Now, a new challenge stands in their way and it’s the biggest challenge ever. Enter, D-Generation X members Triple H & Shawn Michaels.

These tag team duos renewed their rivalry after participating in a Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series. DX looks to get even with Jeri-Show after Big Show turned his back on the RAW brand by punching Kofi Kingston which allowed Jericho to pin for Team Smackdown’s victory. Since then these two sides have going at it.

However, they agree to a match at WWE TLC for the Unified Tag Team Championship in a TLC Match. Business was about to pick up when DX said if they win the titles at TLC then Chris Jericho would not be on RAW because he’s a Smackdown Superstar. The only reason Jericho has been on RAW because of those tag team belts.

DX has had the momentum with two non-title victories over Jeri-Show and even got a chance have a handicap match against Jericho.

However, it didn’t go well thanks to The World’s Strongest Athlete coming to the aid of his partner and weaken the Degenerate Duo with a Ladder and Chair.

When TLC is involved, those three weapons come to play. It’s more dangerous when an opponent uses it on his adversary. There have been moments in TLC where a single match has always been a highlight reel.

However, when it comes to a championship, it’s an all-out rollercoaster for those to push themselves to the limit and put their bodies on the line to win it all. Scathed or unscathed, that’s what it’s all about.

Jeri-Show has been dominant since the month of July, when it comes to retaining tag team belts against other tag teams.

However, they face a tag team that will one day be WWE Hall Of Famers and be recognized for what they accomplished in their careers in The Game and The Showstopper.

As for DX, the pressure is on them. It’s hard to believe that these two even in tag team competition have never won a Tag Team Championship Match together. That could all change This Sunday if they careful against the versatility of Jericho & Power of The Big Show.

Which tag team goes out on top in this brutal match? Find out as the Tag Team Championship are at stake at WWE TLC.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize image This is probably the second-favorite match behind the ECW Championship. This is gonna be interesting and it will probably be the Main Event.

PREDICTION: D-Generation X. This is the time to not only split Jeri-Show up but for them to go separate ways and contend for the championship on their respective brands. Jeri-Show has been a roll since Edge’s injury and formation at WWE Night Of Champions but DX wins their first ever tag team championship together.

Yes Jericho has been in TLC Matches but HBK invented the Ladder Match and knows his way around it. Question is how does that play for The World’s Strongest Athlete who has never been in a Ladder Match period?

DX wins the Unified Belts and then you have Jericho competing for the World Heavyweight Championship against The Undertaker at Royal Rumble. This is a prediction, remember that, it doesn’t mean it would happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read my preview to WWE TLC. I wanna wish everybody a Happy Holidays. See you next year with my preview of the Royal Rumble.


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