Manny Pacquiao Suspicion is Fair

Captain FantabulousCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2009

LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 14:  Manny Pacquiao sits in his corner between rounds with trainer Freddie Roach against Miguel Cotto during their WBO welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 14, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

What a strange situation. But good for the sport. All boxers should be taking random blood testing right the way through their training camps, like any other professional athlete.

Whether the insinuation has any merit is not really the issue. But they obviously feel that boxing drug regulations are incredibly weak (they are right).

They've heard Arum's media blitz about how many urine tests Pacquiao has passed, and called his bluff.

Urine testing is next to useless. Let's see you pass a real test.

Personally, if I'm promoting a clean athlete, who's been accused of being a drug cheat in the past, and I have an opportunity to end the speculation, I'd jump at the opportunity to take up the Golden Boy challenge.

In declining it, and in the way it has been declined (various odd explanations why it can't be done) you are in truth feeding the rumour machine.

I list the reasons Manny cannot take Olympic level random drug testing, in chronological order:

1: He's afraid of needles

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2: He's weakened by blood loss

3: He's superstitious about blood

4: The USADA (The US Olympic testers) have been "compromised" and actually work for Mayweather

Am I the only person who (considering these are the reasons why you are pulling out of a $40 million pay day) finds this incredibly weak?

Of course, this subject is always going to turn into a media war of Pacquiao fans doing their best to defend their guy, and people suspicious about the subject. And this possibly muddies the waters.

But when you look at the facts, I don't think it looks too great for Pacquiao.

Mayweather and Golden Boy come out to the media and say they want Olympic level random drug testing for the fight to ensure that it's clean. Stating that commission testing rules aren't sufficient to handle modern drugs like HGH and EPO.

Mayweather acknowledges the rumours that surround his opponent, and states that he feels both fighters should show they are clean so there can't be any excuses or rumours surrounding the outcome.

A fair, clean fight, with the loser having no excuses.

Sorry, when the response to this is a professional athlete making fairly weak excuses to avoid the highest level of drug testing, I think you are always going to get suspicion.

The answer people want is "yes, I am clean, and I am happy to prove it at the highest level to end all of these stupid rumours".

The answer we got was "I am afraid of needles, and superstitious, and take 4 days to recover from losing 3 drops of blood".

Again, forgive people for being a tad superstitious.

The more worrying aspect for me is Arum's response. When you actually look in detail about his problems and supposed solutions, they are quite eye opening.

Mayweather and Golden Boy want random blood drug testing throughout the entire training camp, by a WADA approved group like the USADA.

Arum at first said that he wanted no blood testing. And that they will only do urine testing . Until Golden Boy informed them at designer drugs like HGH and EPO don't even show up in urine only testing.

He then stated that he had a problem with random drug testing. And that they would agree to do blood testing on pre-arranged dates close to the fight.

The issue with this is the simple fact that random drug testing is commonly acknowledged to be much more effective than the old system. For the simple fact that drug programmes are designed around the testing.

When athletes knew when the testing was, they simply created a programme to beat it. As long as they were clean on the dates of the tests, it didn't matter what they did for the majority of their training programme.

He then stated that the USADA had been "compromised" and was working for Golden Boy. And for that reason they would not submit to WADA level testing.

The accusation that the governmental department for USA Olympic drug testing was in some way "corrupt", to me, is so ridiculous, that I question the claim. Especially when the accuser has been investigated by the FBI more times than any promoter in the history of boxing.

It's like Al Capone claiming that Elliot Ness was "corrupt" in trying to end his crime empire.

His solution was to instead use the NFL/NBA drugs testing system. The problem with this being, that NFL style drug testing really isn't any more advanced than boxing's.

The majority of NFL/NBA drug testing is urine tests on pre-arranged dates, close to the game. Typically urine tests after a game. Even when blood testing is involved, it is at pre-arranged times close to the game.

Isn't Arum's problem that USADA testing standards are much too high. He doesn't want his fighter to take random drug tests. And isn't his solution little more than wanting to use sub standard drug testing?

Golden Boy want random blood and urine testing throughout training. Arum wants urine testing. But will accept blood testing, as long as it is on pre-arranged dates.

Whatever the motives of Golden Boy, I fully accept suspicion. In pulling out of a $40 million fight on the basis that you don't appear to want to do five random blood tests over a 10 week training program—what do they really expect?

It's a simple adage. If Pacquiao is a victim of false drug rumours, and is as clean as he claims, why is he and his people doing everything in their power to avoid taking Olympic level random drug testing?

Surely you want to show the world how clean you are?