Wellness?: WWE Suspensions Are Curious

John FalcettaSenior Analyst INovember 4, 2007

Icon Sports MediaThe WWE announced this week that 2 more wrestlers have been suspended for wellness program violations. Finally naming the offenders is a positive first step in stamping out the huge drug problem in Pro Wrestling.

I do however have a huge problems with a few aspects of the suspensions just handed down.

Chris Masters just recieved his second suspension (60 days) but yet he still has a job with the company.Why does he keep his job when former 6 time World Heavyweight Champion Booker-T (King Booker) lost his job? Masters clearly does not get it and never will.Β Booker is the most decorated champion in Major wrestling history, with over 13 tag team titles, Over 15 reigns of Intercontinental, U.S.Title and World T.V. TitleΒ combined to add to his world title reigns.Why is it a mid-card very limited guy like Masters gets so many chances when a guy of Booker's talents and accomplishments gets the Axe? You tell me.

The biggest problems with the "wellness program"is that there seems o be no consistancy and that they do not name the specific drugs the offenders were busted for.

Now this all brings me to the tradgedy in waiting that is Harry (D.H.) Smith.When I saw him coming up and even in OVW he looked like a tall thin but still strongly built young man.When I saw him against Carlito Two Mondays ago on Raw I was shocked at how big he had gotten so fast.Did this young man learnd nothing from his father Davey Boy "British Bulldog" Smith? His father died from what has called by doctors " A prolonged heavy abuse of anabolic steroids" You would think that After watching his own father deteriorate and die in front of his own eyes he would know better? You would think anyways.

Thw WWE should send these young men a strong message that they will not tolerate this self destruction. Pull the plug on them both permanently until they both show some maturity and that they can grow past this garbage. It may just save their lives