Trade Deadline Thread

AlexAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008

Will the Twins upgrade the bullpen with another setup man? Will they fill the void left by Alexi Casilla in the lineup? The trade deadline is today at 3:00 CT, and we'll see if the Twins can upgrade the team. I'll have updates on Twins rumors and other trades that affect the Twins.

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UPDATE 9:50 - The White Sox have reportedly acquired Ken Griffey Jr. if he accepts it. He can veto the deal and is expected to make that decision this morning. There is no word what the White Sox would give up in return.

UPDATE 10:40 - There isn't anything new, but I wanted to mention a few things that the Star Tribune reported. The Twins and Mariners have still been talking about Beltre. However, the Twins will not give up any of the four young starting pitchers or Span to get him. They have contacted the Orioles about Brian Roberts, but a trade look unlikely. The Rays have had scouts at Twins games scouting Craig Monroe. And finally, we mentioned Texas as an option for Bonser yesterday and the Giants had their top scout watching Boof in yesterday's loss.

UPDATE 10:50 - Griffey just accepted the deal to go to the White Sox according to reports. From what I've read on White Sox sites, many fans are questionable about where he'll play and how he'll help the team.

UPDATE 12:30  - Not much is going on right now with just about two and a half hours to go. La Velle just reported that he is getting strong indications that the Twins want Liriano up right away. Also, he said that the Giants talked with the Twins about Aurilia and not the other way around. I'd jump all over a Bonser for Aurilia deal if it's out there.

UPDATE 12:58  - Just about two hours and nothing new on the Twins. The White Sox however look to be making another move. is reporting (courtesy of 670 The Score) that the Sox are close to acquiring John Lannan from the Nationals.

UPDATE 1:15  - Thanks to La Velle for passing the note along. reports that the Twins and Giants have talked and the player the Twins want may be Jose Castillo. In fact, they speculate that the Giants played him at second base in the recent series to showcase him for the Twins. Bonser for Castillo could be possible.

UPDATE 1:30  - ESPNEWS was just saying that Liriano's call-up appears to be imminent and likely by the end of the weekend. They also said that Smith and McPhail have a good relationship, but anything for Brian Roberts is unlikely.

UPDATE 2:00  - There is now just one hour to go, but there is really no new news. It doesn't seem like a lot is going on anywhere, but talks could finish up and deals could happen in this final hour.

UPDATE 2:02  - La Velle just reported that Luke Hughes has been promoted to AAA Rochester. Also, Liriano is supposed to start tomorrow, so maybe he'll be called up before that start or right after.

UPDATE 2:12  - From Rotoworld:A source told that the Rays will get Jason Bay from the Pirates for Reid Brignac and Jeff Niemann.

UPDATE 4:20  - For some reason the site went down. Nothing happened anyways. The Twins reportedly tried to make a deal for a right-handed bat, but weren't in the position to make a desperate move. It sounds like they wanted Beltre and felt that taking on his entire salary was enough to get a deal done without a young starting pitcher. Now we have to wait and see if the Twins make a move to add Liriano to the team.

UPDATE 4:21  - Oh, and did I mention that the Red Sox traded away Manny to the Dodgers? Sure they get a good player in Jason Bay in the three-team deal, but I'd much rather face him that Manny.

First pitch is tonight at 7:10 as the Twins try to end the four-game series just a half-game out of first place in the central.


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