NFL Rumor Mill: Cowboys' Jerry Jones Pursuing Sean Payton, Payton Considering It

Randy SavoieAnalyst IINovember 11, 2010

Wade Phillips departure led to speculation in some circles that Jerry Jones may pursue Sean Payton.
Wade Phillips departure led to speculation in some circles that Jerry Jones may pursue Sean Payton.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Would Jerry Jones have the audacity to pursue Sean Payton as his next head coach in Dallas?

Although Jones and Payton know each other socially and Payton offered high praise for the Cowboys owner in his book, it is highly unlikely that Payton will head West.

Better odds that Joel Osteen will become Pope.

Nevertheless, do enough Googling and you will eventually find a gossip mill on the subject.

Someone identifying themselves as "canthony" posted the following on

Just a rumor, and I don't really believe it to be true or very likely to happen, but I want to throw it out there in case it really does happen.

Jerry Jones spoke at a banquet in my hometown earlier this week and my dad is friends with a woman whose daughter is married to Jerry's son. She told my dad that Jones has contacted Payton about the job and that he told Jerry to not make any decisions before the end of the season because he might be interested in coaching the Cowboys.

I go to school in New Orleans, and I find it difficult to believe that Sean Payton is just gonna get up and leave a season removed from winning a Super Bowl here. Also, with how attached this city is to the Saints, I really don't think the fans would take it very well if he left.

Here are some further excerpts from the thread, titled "Rumor: Jerry Jones pursuing Sean Payton for Cowboys HC Job and he is considering it":

  • "Just saying, no matter how strong the bond is between a sports icon and a city is, he will still leave if the situation is right.

    I don't think we have ever had an athlete more connected to their city like LeBron...he was the homegrown "chosen one."
  • "But Sean Payton has already won a ring in New Orleans, and stands a reasonable chance of getting another in the near future. LeBron never got a ring in Cleveland and, given the franchise's inability to surround him with capable supporting players, likely never would have."
  • "Also LBJ is much more of a ****."
  • "Agreed. My post wasn't intended to support LeBron. Dude's a jerk and I can't believe he quit on an entire city."
  • "The situations are not comparable. LeBron left for a much better chance at a championship, and gave up nothing but "leaving" his hometown. DALLAS would be a worse situation for Payton.

    The only justifiable reason he could go is if Jerry showers him with $10M/year or something. And even then, it's probably a stupid move.

    "He's going to be expected to win the Super Bowl every year, and the media will never ever shut up about him if he doesn't."

Tim MacMahon of writes:

The lack of interim coaching candidates on the Cowboys' staff might have been one reason why owner/general manager Jerry Jones waited so long to fire Wade Phillips.

Five years ago, the Cowboys had a staff loaded with promising head-coach prospects.

A look at the head coaches that Jones let get away from Valley Ranch: 

New Orleans' Sean Payton (43-29, 5-3 this season, 4-1 in playoffs): It's tough to blame Jones for Payton's departure. The Saints hired Payton in 2006, when Bill Parcells was still the Cowboys' coach.

Payton, who frequently socializes with the Jones family at NFL functions, probably would have been a prime candidate to replace Parcells. But it was one year too late for the Cowboys.

The 46-year-old Payton, a quarterback guru who spent three years as Parcells' assistant head coach and played a significant role in Tony Romo's development, has earned a reputation as one of the NFL's premier coaches.

He won a Super Bowl with a franchise that had a total of one playoff victory before his arrival in New Orleans.

Assuming Payton is not sadistic, it is highly unlikely he will opt for the bad soap opera Dallas has deteriorated into in 2010.


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