Return to Beantown Glory: Why 2011 Is Boston's Year

Michael Sneeden@@michaelmsneedenContributor IDecember 23, 2010

Return to Beantown Glory: Why 2011 Is Boston's Year

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    Looks like good ole Beantown might turn into Titletown once again next year, and there's more than one reason why.

    With Christmas on our heels, and New England residents a-wanting, there's only one thing—well, maybe three things—us Boston fans are putting on our list for Santa. And with Coach Belichick keeping his nose, and his video cameras clean, we might have a shot of being on the "nice" list this year.

    To Bruins fans, I apologize for leaving out our brothers on ice, but 2011 Boston sports is all about the big three. Speaking of the big three...

The Boston 3 Party

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    Is there anybody hotter?

    This week Boston put away yet another W, over the 76ers, extending their win streak to 14. And they did this without playmaker Rajon Rondo, who has missed six games of the streak, leaving most of the work to the Holy Trinity. With everything going right for the Celtics, it wouldn't be unreasonable to get our hopes up and settle for nothing less than another championship, would it?

    Although there's a lot of season left, and we all know how our Big Green Monsters like to scare us in the middle of the regular season, it looks like the Beantown Ballers are heading straight for the finish line. Which raises another question: Would anybody be disappointed if we saw a Lakers-Celtics rematch for a third time in four years? Not I.

The Red Sox Offseason

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    Theo Epstein is not one to sit back and watch all the free agents get snatched up by teams aggressive enough to sign them.

    As general manager of the Red Sox, Epstein has done some incredible things already, including becoming the youngest GM in the history of the league, and being in office as the Sox snapped their 86-year World Series drought to take it all in 2004. Adding to his already impressive resume, Epstein had one of his most impressive offseasons yet, signing the likes of slugger Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and RHP Bobby Jenks.

    With questions surfacing on how positions will be shuffled with the new acquisitions (namely with Gonzalez and Youkilis, and Papelbon and Jenks), there is no question that the Sox have all the firepower to make this season one for the books.

Patriot Perfection

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    The most tangible of all the promises Boston holds next year, the one we can all feel in our bones, is the Patriot's fourth Lombardi Trophy in a decade.

    You could make the case that these aren't your older brother's dynasty Patriots. Although the lead actor and director are the same, we'd be looking at a different supporting cast than we're used to. Let's go over the list: we've got the hardest working receiver in the league in Wes Welker; one of the most accurate kickers in the league, Shayne Graham, who took over for an injured Stephen Gostkowski earlier in the season; and a freak special team unit that doesn't quit. And oh yeah, there's some guy named Brady that plays quarterback.

    With the youngest defense in the league, one that started off the season as the worst statistically, the Patriots D has transformed into a force to be reckoned with. First-year cornerback from Rutgers, Devin McCourty is a front-runner for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

    With everything going right for the Boys in Blue, taking it all seems to be the only viable option.