Billy Walters on 60 Minutes, Seahawks-Bears NFL Pick Among TV Sports Highlights

Joe DuffyAnalyst IJanuary 16, 2011

Seattle Seahawks point spread backers will celebrate says Vegas expert
Seattle Seahawks point spread backers will celebrate says Vegas expertJonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Billy Walters, the famed Las Vegas betting syndicate head honcho, will be featured on 60 Minutes tonight. While sports bettors will be glued to the TV for that broadcast, there is plenty of winning to be done beforehand. The top sports handicappers say today’s NFL spreads, NBA Vegas lines and college basketball odds make it one of the stronger days in a long time.

One of the best in the business of sports handicapping, Matt Rivers says wager on the Sunday is on the Seattle Seahawks (+10) to Chicago Bears.

I cannot fully trust Pete Carroll’s team on the road, even getting 10 or so points, and that is why this is not a premium play. The Seahawks have manned up over the past few weeks, stifling Sam Bradford and the Rams, and then shocking Drew Brees and the Saints a week ago. The defense has somehow rejuvenated itself, and Matt Hasselbeck looked healthy and great last week. Throw in what appears to now be a running game led by Marshawn Lynch after that amazing game-winning run last week, and the Seahawks look far better than an 8-9 team right now.

With the above said, I just do not think Seattle has truly done a 180 and become a good team. The ‘Hawks can never be trusted on the road, as they seem to always shrivel up away from the Great Northwest, but they did win a few months ago at Soldier Field in an upset and should be able to, at the very least, compete today.

Jay Cutler can crap in his pants with the best of them, and da Bears are still not an offense that is all that explosive. The defense is much improved with Julius Peppers flying around helping out Brian Urlacher so things will be difficult for the visitors, I fully understand that, but Lovie Smith’s team is just not all that and you always have the Cutler implosion factor. It hasn’t happened all that much this season as the guy has been very good, but one can never underestimate the potential for this to happen and to get around 10 points is just a bit much.

The Bears are the definite better team and the team that should advance and host the Packers next week. But asking for a blowout seems far-fetched, and therefore I’ll take my chances on the improving Seahawks.

Top expert pick on this game: Seattle (+10)

For more information: Things have been phenomenal of late, and today will be nothing but. Three plays including two, yes two, 400,000* absolute locks and a run that will improve to 12-2 on the gridiron. 400,000* New York-New England along with another monster 400,000* involving Purdue and West Virginia. Bonus 200,000* on North Carolina and Georgia Tech to round out another 3-0 sweep of the board. Rivers card is up