UFC 129 Results: Georges St. Pierre and the Six Best Things from UFC 129

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IMay 1, 2011

UFC 129 Results: Georges St. Pierre and the Six Best Things from UFC 129

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    With UFC 129 now over, it has gone down as one of the best cards in UFC history. It's definitely the best card if you take away George St-Pierre's non-impressive performance in the main event of the evening.

    Sure he still walks away with the belt but why is he on this list? Who else makes this list?

    There are plenty of awesome things from tonight's event that could make this list and show why this event was tops.

    GSP, Lyoto Machida, Randy Couture, Vladimir Matyushenko, who makes this list and why?

    Here they are the best things from UFC 129. Hope you enjoyed the night of fights.

Georges St-Pierre's Heart Called into Question

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    This awesome picture from MMA Mania's Jesse Holland
    This awesome picture from MMA Mania's Jesse Holland

    When I first saw this, I died of laughter, it was so awesome.

    It's true, many might call Georges St-Pierre's heart into question. The entire fight he was worried about his eye. Yet Hominick had a planet sprouting from his forehead and couldn't have cared less.

    GSP finished yet another fight by letting the judges score it because he played it safe the entire fight. Even when he hurt Shields, he stayed away.

    When Hominick hurt Aldo, he went for the kill and didn't play it safe. But hey, that's what happens when your belt, and legacy, are on the line.

Randy Couture Goes to After Party in an Ambulance

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    Am I the only one who will think this is awesome?

    The tagline from the Twitpic reads:

    "@ headed to his own after party in an ambulance - that guy is my hero!"

    Yeah, Couture is so awesome he goes to his own party in ambulance. How cool is that?

Lyoto Machida Re-Enacts "The Karate Kid" Inside the Octagon

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    UFC commentator, Mike Goldberg, called it when he said it was like the "Crane Kick" from the movie "The Karate Kid". Funny thing is "The Karate Kid" is also one of Lyoto Machida's nicknames.

    The kick sent Randy Couture into early retirement, giving "The Natural" one heck of a way to end his career.

    Not only that, but Couture actually lost a tooth Machida kicked him so hard. He faked a left kick and nailed him with a right kick right in the face.

    Best knockout of the year.

John Makdessi and His Spinning Backfist

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    This was a top pick for "Knockout of the Night" until Machida blasted Couture's face with a front kick.

    Makdessi easily popped into people's heads with this incredible spinning back-fist. Best thing about it was that it aired on Facebook for free, unlike Machida's knockout or another candidate, Vladimir Matyushenko's knockout.

    Makdessi did this late in the fight too and easily helped make UFC 129 one of the best events in UFC history.

Mark Hominick Was Better Then Expected

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    Mark Hominick is one of my favorite fighters, and tonight he proved a lot.

    Hominick helped break Aldo and showed that he is in fact, mortal. Hominick showed an excellent display of striking and actually bruised up Aldo.

    Hominick fought on through numerous injuries, including the balloon-size welt on his forehead.

    Seriously, is it just me or does anybody else wonder how long that thing is going to take to go away?

    His wife could have issues with that.

Brittany Palmer

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    Probably one of the highlights of the night...

    Don't really to explain this one. Can't even argue it.