My Top Seven UFC Cards

Sean SchimlingAnalyst INovember 23, 2008

If you had to order any seven UFC pay per views, which ones would you pick? There are a lot to choose from: do you go with the best overall card, the best main event, or the one with biggest names? How about the one that seems to have the most action?

I ask myself this when ordering a pay per view, or while I'm at Besy Buy looking to pick up a UFC dvd. I have alot of UFC dvds these are my favorites!

(Note: These are only the ones you can find on DVD...40-87)

7. UFC 58-U.S.A v.s. Canada

This was a pretty good card, the main event featured David Loiseau v.s. Rich Franklin. The real gem is St. Pierre v.s. Penn,that fight was epic as well as controversial! I get into debates all the time about this fight; a lot of people think BJ was robbed.

I think however GSP won that fight, although he didn't look like it afterwards! The concept was also pretty cool, every fight featured a canadian fighter against an american fighter. U.S.A came out ahead 5-3.

Rich Franklin dominated "The Crow" through five rounds, but I had to give it to Loiseau after the fight, he did have heart. Franklin looked good in that fight, I thought after watching it he would rule the 185 weight class for years to come.

The card featured fighters such as Mike Swick, Sam Stout, Spencer Fisher, Nate Marquardt, and Jason Lambert.

All in all a good buy.

6. UFC 87-Seek and Destroy

Although the entire card isn't that great, it does produce some action. The main event was GSP v.s. Jon Fitch, which got my attention. The co-main events were Kenny Florian v.s. Roger Huerta, and Brock Lesnar v.s. Heath Herring.

The under card was a little dull, but the main card was pretty awesome. You got to see Demian Maia put on a clinic against Jason MacDonald, Kenny Florian out class Roger Huerta, Rob Emerson KO the crap out of Manny Gamburyan, Brock Lesnar beast mode Heath Herring. Finally you got to see Georges St. Pierre completely dominate Jon Fitch.

This PPV was worth my money!

5. UFC 64-Unstoppable

UFC 64 was a very good purchase, it featured some of the best from the UFC on one card. You had Clay Guida, Yushin Okami, Spencer Fisher, Jon Fitch, Sean Sherk, Kenny Florian, Rich Franklin, and Anderson Silva! What more could you ask for?

Clay Guida fought against Justin James and won with a Rear Naked Choke in round two.

Yushin Okami TKO'd Kalib Starnes in round three.

Spencer Fisher beat a young Dan Lauzon by TKO-ing him in the third round as well.

Jon Fitch DOMINATED Kuniyoshi Hironaka on his way to a unanimous decision.

Sean Sherk and Kenny Florian engaged in an all out war,that bloodied both men, but Sherk emerged victorious. Pulling out a unanimous decision through five hard fought rounds. he became the second lightweight champion of the UFC. Kenny also proved he was more than just a reality show fighter.

Then there was Rich Franklin who at the time was considered one of the best P4P fighters in the world, against Anderson Silva. Silva before had knocked Chris Leben out at an UFN. Silva put on a clinic and TKO'd Rich Franklin in the first round, leaving the crowd and the announcers thinking,"What Just Happened?"

This card is definitely a must see!

4. UFC 73-Stacked

What a fitting title, this was a stacked card. It featured Anderson Silva, Nate Marquardt, Sean Sherk, Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria, Stephan Bonnar, and Kenny Florian. A lot of which were on UFC 64's card.

The under card was ok at best, but the main card was great! It started off with Nog v.s. Herring, Nogueria pulling out a unanimous decision.

Sean Sherk dominated a game Hermes Franca, but after the fight they both tested positive for steroids. None the less Sherk won a five round war, and retained his title.

Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz put on a good show, the fight ended in a draw. Ortiz who many thought would've won, but had a point deducted for grabbing the fence was distraught after the announcer declared it a draw. Evans was also angry because he to thought he won the fight.

Anderson Silva proved his dominance by TKO-ing Nate Marquardt in the first round.

Kenny Florian's bout was held until after the main event, he TKO'd Alvin Robinson in the first round as well.

This card was stacked, and is worth the money if you wanna pick it up at a best buy.

3. UFC 66-Liddell vs Ortiz

This was a very hyped card, that actually lived up that hype.

Keith Jardine v.s. Griffin, the debut of Michael Bisbing,the return of Andrei Arvloski, Chris Leben, Thiago Alves, and Chuck Liddell facing Tito Ortiz.

This was a very stacked card as well, you saw everything from Bisbing making quick work of Eric Schafer, Forrest Griffin crying, and Tito Ortiz  getting TKO'd by Chuck Liddell in almost the same fashion as he did in the first fight.

I bought this fight because I am a huge Ortiz fan, but the fight that got my attention was the return on Andrei Arvloski, the last time I seen him was UFC 61 losing and looking terrible against Tim Sylvia. It was a good sight to see him TKO someone.

This card is definatly worth any money you pay for it, it's also one of my all time favorites!

2. UFC 79-Nemesis

If your a true MMA fan, you have to love this card! Chuck Liddell v.s. Wanderlii Silva!!!! They then threw in a third fight between Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre, which I'd choose over Serra vs Hughes any day. You also got the debut of Sokoudjou, who was completely dismantled by Lyoto Machida.

Rich Clementi v.s. Melvin Guillard was also a good grudge match, very entertaining!

GSP showed why he's one of the best P4P fighters in the world by submitting Matt Hughes in the second round.

But the real reason to buy this is Chuck Liddell v.s. Wanderlii Silva, this fight was epic! It lived up to the hype and Chuck Liddell looked as good as ever. Wanderlii Silva tested Liddell and he passed with flying colors. After the fight I was yelling, "REMATCH REMATCH!"

If you haven't seen this fight of card...GO GET IT...NOW!!

1. UFC 43-Meltdown

This is an all time classic, this card was full of surprises and action!

It started of with Pedro Rizzo v.s. Tra Telligman, this was a battle! It ended when a doctor stopped it because of a cut over Telligman's eye. Seems normal right? Here is the kicker, the cut over his eye exposed his skull, I freeze framed it and was in awe! I couldn't believe it.

The next bout was Matt Linland v.s. Falaniko Vitale, another shocker. Linland was looking good in the opening minute,and then attempts a throw. Seems normal right? He botched the throw and ended up knocking himself out! Resulting in Vitale winning by TKO. Again I was stunned! Thinking what's next?

Yves Edwards and Eddie Ruiz's bout was surprisingly normal, and entertaining.

Then came Frank Mir vs Wes Sims. Sims takes Mir down, and gets caught in an arm bar, but was able to slam his way out. But then proceeds to stomp on Frank Mir's face very hard,resulting in a DQ. Again I'm shocked!

Ian Freeman was originally scheduled to fight Ken Shamrock,but Shamrock was injured and Vernon White was his replacement. Vernon White and Ian Freeman battled through three hard fought round,resulting in a draw.Very good fight!

Vitor Belfort and Marvin Eastman provided some sparks,as Belfort TKO'd Eastman in 67 seconds.

Tank Abbott vs. Kimo Leopoldo was dull, but the finish was okay. Kimo caught Tank in a head arm choke, and won.

Then was the first fight between Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, an instant classic! Chuck Liddell was in his prime as was Couture, both men fought hard through three rounds, but two and a half minutes in Randy Couture landed a big blow to Liddell! That led to the TKO of Chuck Liddell,and Randy Couture winning the interim LHW championship belt.

This card is a must buy, it was classic. If you don't have it GET IT!!

There it is, my top seven favorite cards! Feel free to make your own,leave me your FEEDBACK!! Tell me what you think,what are your favorite cards?


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