30 Gifts For 30 Fighters: A UFC Christmas!

Sean SchimlingAnalyst INovember 30, 2008

Tis' the season to be jolly; The UFC is giving us three events this December, two of which are on free on spike. So in honor of this giving season I am putting together a list of 30 gifts for 30 fighters in the UFC. Just in case some of you want to surprise your favorite fighter on Christmas.

Brock Lesnar: Bright Yellow Rain Poncho

This gift would allow people to, "See Him Now!" If they still don't after he wears the poncho, they are clearly in denial.

Randy Couture: Acting Classes For One Year

He needs something to do after his time in the octagon is over. If you've seen "The Scorpion King 2." You'd know why this is the perfect gift.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria: A Typewriter

An old school typewriter would make it easy for him to write an auto-biography. He's had a crazy life, and I want to read about it!

Frank Mir: A Lifetime Supply Of Hair Gel

This guy cares more about his hair than training his team. He probably spends thousands of dollars on hair gel per year, this would surely help him out.

Forrest Griffin: A Natural Loofa

Yes, a loofa, it's been proven to help toughen skin. We all know Forrest bleeds a lot, maybe he can prevent that by toughening his skin.

Rashad Evans: A Chuck Liddell Poster

For motivational purposes, he has six decision victories, most by split decision. He needs this poster to stay motivated to knock people out, to remember how it feels.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: Money

I know he has money already, but with all those kids and lawyer fees, he's gonna need some extra help.

Wanderli Silva: A Baby Name Book

I hope he gets this before he has any more kids. His son's name is Thor, I don't even wanna know what his daughter's name is.

Chuck Liddell: An Air Hockey Table

It's said that an air hockey table can help improve you reflexes. With Chuck's deteriorating he could really use this.

Tito Ortiz: A Parenting Book

When expecting twins you never know what to expect. This would help him out a great deal.

Lyoto Machida: Five Hour Energy Shots For Life

He's too damn calm, he needs to be more energetic to win over fans. This would help him, maybe then we'd seen the Lyoto Machida that ko'd Rich Franklin.

Anderson Silva: English As A Second Language Classes

He needs to learn English to do interviews alone, and maybe he'd be more popular. He's been a star for three years now, it's about time.

Patrick Cote: A Four Leaf Clover

With any luck at all he'll be back in seven months, and possibly a fight away from a title shot. He'll need the clover for any of that to come true.

Yushin Okami: Kathy Keeton's Book (Longevity)

It helps you to improve bone density. After all he did break his hand and lose out on a title shot, this will help to prevent that from happening again.

Rich Franklin: A Life Sized Anderson Silva Figure

That would be the perfect gift for him. It'd be the only way he could beat up Anderson Silva. It would help his confidence as well.

Dan Henderson: An American Flag

This should motivate him to take that coaching job on The Ultimate Fighter 9. If not at least he'll be patriotic.

Chris Leben: Rehab

Stanozolol was found in his system after UFC 89, before that he was arrested from DUI complications. If you ask me this rehab idea is good.

Nate Marquardt: Married With Children Season Three DVD

He looks just like the son on that show, David Faustino. I think he'd deny this, but he should watch this season, the resemblance is uncanny.

Georges St.Pierre: Legal Performance Enhancing Drugs

A great gift idea, it'd would help his in octagon performance. He would always be "Impressed By Your Performance!"

Thiago Alves: A Playstation 3

He may have to wait a while before seeing action, so what better to go than play videos games? He can train and play until he faces GSP.

Jon Fitch: An Advance Copy Of UFC: Undisputed 2009

After all the fuss about him signing his name over, I think he should get the first copy. He should get it before it's even done, he did UFC a favor by signing his name.

BJ Penn: A BJ Penn Action Figure

All he cares about is himself and his legacy right? Then he could buy a GSP one and have them fight it out.

Kenny Florian: A Razor Blade Tattoo On His Elbows

He's said to have razor sharp elbows. He would then change his name to Kenny "The Razor" Florian, sounds good doesn't it?

Sean Sherk: A Big Book Of Nick-Names

He has to have one of the worst nick-names ever. The Muscle Shark? Seriously?

Matt Serra: Rocky Box Set DVD

He can watch it as many times as he wants. He was the rocky of 2007, maybe he can get some inspiration.

Matt Hughes: A Body Waxing Session

I mean c'mon, i get tired of seeing his chest hair every time he fights. Get with the times and wax your chest (also a possibility for Forrest Griffin as well).

Roger Huerta: Tekken (The Game)

He is supposed to be appearing in the film adaptation. He needs to know his character before playing him.

Clay Guida: Hair Products

His hair needs a lot of maintenance, and it gets pretty expensive. Help him out and get him some stuff he needs to keep it looking good!

Nate Diaz: Manners For Dummies

This book could help him out a great deal, and may make him a little more marketable. He needs to clean up his act before getting any real high-profile fights.

Dana White: (Your Choice)

I'll leave this up to you guys, I'm not saying anything. The suggestions should be good!

(Honorable Mention)

Joe Rogan: A Dictionary, Beard Trimmer, Fear Factor Box Sets, Every UFC DVD He's Done Commentary On

Dictionary- This would help his vocabulary.

Beard Trimmer- Any comment needed?

Fear Factor Box Set- So he could be reminded how fun it was to make people do things they hated for  money.

Every UFC DVD He's Done Commentary On- This would allow him to realize how annoying he really sounds.

There You Go...Happy Shopping.

I look forward to hearing some of your ideas!


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