Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries and 10 Other Failed Athlete-Celebrity Romances

Payton GuionContributor INovember 3, 2011

Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries and 10 Other Failed Athlete-Celebrity Romances

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    It's surprising that this story hasn't gotten much media attention over the past few days. I was under the impression that any time a Kardashian lifted a finger it made tabloid news. I would have thought that a divorce after a mere 72 days would be all over the gossip rags. I guess the press have forgotten their obligation of keeping the public informed.

    Okay, now that I'm able to remove tongue from cheek, the only way you haven't heard about Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries is if you've been disconnected from the world for the past 72 or so hours. Pity I can't say that.

    In an attempt to cover her bases, Kim claims that she is giving the wedding gifts she received to charity. However, it doesn't appear that Kim will be returning her 20.5 carat ring to Humphries, with "momager" Kris Jenner saying that Humphries would be an "indian giver" to ask for the ring back.

    Whatever happened to their love? 

    In honor of the occasion, here are 10 more athlete-celebrity romances that couldn't make the cut.

Tony Parker-Eva Longoria

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    San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria wed in France in 2007. For three years they were favorites of the tabloids, with some alleging problems dating back to early in their marriage.

    In November 2010, news broke that Longoria had filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences." Parker did the same in Texas, leaving the Housewife single again.

Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson

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    Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo began dating Jessica Simpson in 2007. While the couple were often featured in the media, they weren't hounded by the infidelity rumors that plague many celebrity couples.

    Romo was able to keep his image clean throughout the nearly two-year romance. That is, until he dumped Simpson in 2009 on the night before her birthday.

    C'mon Tony. You couldn't have waited another week or so?

    Despite the low-blow by Romo, Simpson admits that they are still close friends.

Lance Armstrong-Sheryl Crow

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    Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong met Sheryl Crow at a charity event in 2003 and the two began dating soon after.

    They were engaged in 2005 and began making plans to marry in the spring of 2006. Rumors about a breakup began swirling around the couple shortly after the engagement, and in early 2006 the couple called off the wedding.

    Armstrong claimed that Crow's biological clock was the reason their relationship fell apart, saying that she wanted kids and marriage but he wasn't ready for the commitment.

Rick Fox-Vanessa Williams

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    Former Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox and former Miss America Vanessa Williams were married in a Caribbean wedding in 1999.

    As it turned out, their marriage was anything but paradise, with Fox filing for divorce in 2004 after being estranged from Williams for 18 months.

    According to sources at the time, the divorce was not a complete surprise considering that the couple spent almost their entire marriage across the country from each other.

Jay Cutler-Kristen Cavallari

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    Apparently having cold feet in crucial games for the Chicago Bears translates to cold feet in relationships for quarterback Jay Cutler.

    In April, Cutler proposed to girlfriend Kristen Cavallari in Mexico after dating her for seven months. The couple was reportedly planning a wedding for spring 2012—but called off the engagement in July.

    There have been recent reports that the couple is attempting to rekindle their romance, but let's wait a bit before taking them off this list.

Alex Rodriguez-Cameron Diaz

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    The Yankees third baseman and the actress began dating in spring 2010 and are best remembered for Diaz awkwardly feeding Rodriguez popcorn in a luxury box at the Super Bowl.

    The couple dated for a year-and-a-half but recently called it quits, citing their respective dedication to their careers.

    The two still remain friends but, Yankee fans, the split didn't seem to help A-Rod's performance in the playoffs.  

Dennis Rodman-Carmen Electra

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    Former Chicago Bulls' bad boy Dennis Rodman and Baywatch babe Carmen Electra were married in Las Vegas in 1998 in what I'm sure was a classy wedding.

    After only nine days of marital bliss, Rodman filed to annul the marriage, saying he was too intoxicated during the ceremony. Fortunately for the couple, Rodman decided to give it another try and the two were on-and-off until they split for good in 1999.

    Let's hope, for Electra's sake, that Rodman didn't dress like this at the wedding.

Reggie Bush-Kim Kardashian

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    You should have known that Kim Kardashian would make another appearance on this list. Reggie Bush should be happy, though, because although he never married Kim, he was with her a good deal longer than Kris Humphries was. Sorry Kris.

    The pair began dating in 2007 and, after many breakups and makeups, finally ended their relationship in spring 2010.

    After the end of Kim's most recent relationship, many in the press have speculated that she and Bush might get back together. Only time will tell, but I would think twice before tying the knot if I were Reggie. 

Chris Webber-Tyra Banks

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    Former Michigan star Chris Webber and Tyra Banks began dating in 2002. While they were together, Banks was frequently spotted at Sacramento Kings games supporting Webber.

    Things between the two were rumored to be pretty serious, with an engagement apparently expected, but nothing came of it and the two went their separate ways in 2004 

Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren

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    Too soon?

    In terms of athlete-celebrity romances, it doesn't get more high-profile than this. In November 2009, the National Enquirer first broke the story that Woods had cheated on his wife, former Swedish model Elin Nordegren. Within days—and a car accident later—many more women came forward, alleging that they'd had affairs with Woods.

    Tiger eventually admitted to Nordegren that he had been with at least 120 women over a five-year span. 

    The couple officially divorced in August 2010, with Nordegren receiving a record settlement