1. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  2. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

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  4. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  5. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  6. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  7. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  8. Football España @footballespana_

  9. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  10. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  11. La Liga's Leaders in Goals and Assists

    B/R Football @brfootball

    Jude is taking La Liga by storm 🇪🇸 https://t.co/vbRhmIevi1

  12. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  13. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  14. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  15. Football España @footballespana_

  16. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  17. Route One Stuff 😲

    ESPN+ @ESPNPlus

    Barcelona cocede a brutal goal just before the half 😳 @ESPNFC https://t.co/tKPHqX4PwX

  18. Raphinha Banger for Barça 💥

    ESPN+ @ESPNPlus

    What an equalizer from Raphinha ⚡ @ESPNFC https://t.co/HdKbghYl2q

  19. Football España @footballespana_

  20. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  21. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  22. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  23. Football España @footballespana_

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  25. EA FC's Top La Liga Stars 🇪🇸

    B/R Football @brfootball

    La Liga's top 24 players in #FC24 🇪🇸 https://t.co/LqWQexUuu2

  26. Sid Lowe @sidlowe

  27. Zach Lowy @ZachLowy

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  30. Kyle Bonn @the_bonnfire

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  32. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  33. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

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  35. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  36. PSG Signs Lee Kang-In 🇰🇷

    22-year-old South Korean star makes move from Mallorca to Ligue 1 🎥

    PSG Signs Lee Kang-In 🇰🇷
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    RCD Mallorca

    PSG Signs Lee Kang-In 🇰🇷

    22-year-old South Korean star makes move from Mallorca to Ligue 1 🎥

    via EN.PSG.FR
  37. The Spanish Football Podcast @tsf_podcast

  38. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  39. Gavi Got One 😍


    GAVI GOLAZO 💥 https://t.co/Etzhbhs1Ln

  40. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

  41. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  42. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

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  44. No Goal-Line Tech in La Liga

    B/R Football @brfootball

    La Liga will not have goal-line technology next season because the league and president Javier Tebas do not want to pay the $3M fee, reports @ellarguero 😐 https://t.co/BPlaM0j4Ys

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  47. La Liga Team of Season 🇪🇸

    Benzema and Lewandowski headline the season's best lineup

    LaLiga English @LaLigaEN

    🗣️ A message from the LaLiga Santander #TOTS winners. 🌟 @EASPORTSFIFA 🌟 https://t.co/0cIRIA2iIj

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  49. Football España @footballespana_

  50. Football España @footballespana_

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  52. Football España @footballespana_

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  54. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  55. CBS Sports Golazo ⚽️ @CBSSportsGolazo

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  57. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

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  59. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

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  61. RCD Mallorca UK @RCDMallorcaUK

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  63. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  64. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

  65. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

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  68. Roy Nemer @RoyNemer

  69. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

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  73. GOLAZO @golazoargentino

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  76. GOLAZO @golazoargentino

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  78. Vinny Trolled by Mallorca 😠

    M•A•J @Ultra_Suristic

    Raillo wanted Vinicius to kiss the Mallorca badge?! 😂 Officials will ignore all these provocations. https://t.co/jUbhE2gNFC

  79. Real Mallorca @RCD_Mallorca

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  81. Madrid Goes Down to Mallorca 👀


    Vedat Muriqi with the perfect looping header to put Mallorca ahead of Real Madrid 🔥 https://t.co/K0D1TrUm9S

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  83. Fabrizio Romano @FabrizioRomano

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