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  1. @LefkoeBR's Favorite 'Hard Knocks' Moments

    Episode 2 had some great scenes 😂

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  2. @LefkoeBR's Best #NFLGoodGuys

    Lefkoe highlights the guys making a difference off the field ✊

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  3. Best. Thread. Ever 🙌

    Click the Twitter icon to see Lefkoe's entire list

  4. @LefkoeBR's QB Grill-Master Rankings

    Who do you want at your July 4th BBQ?

  5. Reasons Behind the Rankings 🍔

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  6. Vick Was Scared on 1st Day in Prison

    Michael Vick opens up on 'The Lefkoe Show': 'I ain't no street dude. … I lived in it, but I didn't do it'

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  7. Open Invite for Kap from the American Flag Football League

  8. Rodgers' Response to Beer-Chug Hate 😂