My Perfect Build-Up to Wrestlemania 25! The World Heavyweight Title and More!

TJ DuncanCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, the Road to Wrestlemania is just about beginning. This year's Wrestlemania promises to be the biggest ever, with it being the 25th anniversary.

Legends are expected to return, and the class of 2009 is expected to make the step up.

This is the start of a new mini-series in which I will explain the perfect build-up to Wrestlemania for me in regards to the three World Titles.

So here is my perfect the build-up to Wrestlemania for the World Heavyweight Title, plus an extra match.


World Heavyweight Championship

With John Cena facing JBL at the Royal Rumble, you can bet Shawn Michaels is going to have some say in the final outcome of that match. Hopefully, it will be a good one.

In the World Title match, I would have Shawn Michaels come out and play some Sweet Chin Music to John Cena, causing the disqualification and Cena to retain the title.

JBL looks at Micheals and gets a microphone, and while he is stealing Mr. McMahon's catchphrase of "You're Fired!", Michaels shoves his boot down JBL's throat.

Ideally, this would take place after the actual Rumble match, but that isn't going to happen. If it did, however, then Michaels' Sweet Chin Music to John Cena would send a message that he is going after the World Heavyweight Title.

This, of course, means that HBK wins the Royal Rumble! The way I would do it is, Michaels is left in the ring with Triple H as the last two, and JBL comes out in a fury as Michaels cost him the title earlier in the night. He goes for a Clothesline From Hell, Michaels ducks and JBL sends Triple H to the outside.

Bradshaw then turns round a receives another Superkick, sending him to the outside.

In the following weeks, Cena starts a rivalry with Michaels because of the Supekick, while JBL continues his feud with HBK. Bradshaw hires people each week to dismantle Michaels, but he keeps overcoming the odds.

Eventually, JBL hires Legacy to do his dirty work, and for the remaining week leading up to No Way Out, Michaels is alone against the faction plus JBL.

At No Way Out, Legacy and JBL destroy Michaels in the middle of the ring, and are about to finish him off when Triple H's music hits.

The Game comes down to the ring with his trusty sledgehammer and clears the ring. The next night on RAW, he explains that he's still got some unfinished business with JBL after he eliminated him, and with Randy Orton after he injured his friend Batista. He starts appearing on RAW every week.

D-X officially returns in the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, causing Vince McMahon to return, and he joins forces with JBL and Legacy to try and rid the WWE of D-X once and for all. Legacy claim they are better than D-X ever were, which adds more fuel to the fire.

Vince makes a match pitting Rhodes, DiBiase, and Orton against Triple H, Shawn Michaels and John Cena. D-X and Cena win, but are attacked after the match. Orton lines Cena up for a punt to the head, but Michaels saves him.

As Cena is going up to thank HBK, he gives him a Sweet Chin Music, and gestures for the title belt.

Over the next few weeks, JBL and Orton start focusing more on Triple H, with Orton trying the banish The Game, in doing so proving Legacy are better than D-X or Evolution ever were.

The rivalries between Orton and Triple H, and HBK and Cena grow, with HBK looking to be crowned World Champion in the main event of Wrestlemania. The Orton and Triple H feud draws attention from Vince, and he, of course, takes Orton's side.

Shane McMahon becomes unhappy that Vince has suddenly come back and taken the limelight when it was he and Stephanie who kept the show running in his absence, so he sides with The Game.

As Wrestlemania rolls along, Shane and Vince have a hardcore match against each other, with Shane winning after one of his trademark elbow-drops from the top of a ladder through a table.

The winner gets to choose the special guest referee of the Triple H-Randy Orton match later that night.

Backstage after the match, Shane is interviewed and asked who his special guest ref is going to be. He simply says "Orton, you call yourself the legend killer, well, you're gonna have to kill an awful lot of legends to win tonight!"

As the Triple H vs Orton match is due to start, there is still no ref in the ring, and everyone is wondering who it is. Then, Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hits, and he comes striding down to the ring.

During the match, Cody Rhodes interferes, and tries to distract Austin. Stone Cold takes exception to this and starts fighting with Rhodes. They fight to the back, leaving the match without a ref. Then, the music of Hulk Hogan hits, sending the crowd into raptures!

Hogan refs the match for a bit before he is distracted by Ted DiBiase. Like Austin, he fights to the back, again leaving the match without a ref. It stays that way for a while as Orton and Triple H slug it out.

Then, after Orton gives The Game an RKO, and is screaming for a ref, the music of the Nature Boy Ric Flair hits, and he walks down to the ring the way only he can, and starts to count the pin-fall slowly, giving time for Triple H to kick out.

Suddenly, Austin, Hogan, Rhodes and DiBiase come back down the ramp, still fighting, but with Rhodes and DiBiase winning, as JBL has also got involved. They get into the ring, and Legacy and JBL start methodically beating Austin, Hogan, Flair and Triple H down. Vince McMahon comes to the ring, grabs a steel chair, and is about to hit The Game with it when...



"If you smeeeellllll what The Rock is cookin'". The Rock sprint down to the ring as the crowd go wild, and starts laying the smacketh down on all their candy asses! They knock DiBiase, JBL, and Rhodes out of the ring, and Austin gives McMahon a Stunner.

As he is lying on the floor, Flair applies the Figure Four Leg Lock, while Hogan does a leg drop, and The Rock does the People's Elbow on him. The Game turns round and give Orton a pedigree, pinning him to get the win. All five legends lift each others' arms up at the end.

Meanwhile, in Shawn Michaels' title match, he has a match of the year contender with Cena, kicking out of a couple of F-U's and Cena kicking out of a Sweet Chin Music or two.

HBK finally ends it with another Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere, securing the World Heavyweight Title as superstars pour into the ring to congratulate him and celebrate the best Wrestlemania ever!

The next night on RAW, Michaels opens the show announcing his retirement from wrestling, and the rest of the show is dedicated to him. This isn't exactly what I want to happen, but with Michaels rumoured to be retiring soon, I think this would be the best way to do it.

And yes, I know this will NEVER happen so no comments like "You're delusional, this will never happen, The Rock isn't coming back!" please. But damn, how good would it be if it did happen?


Look out for the next installment, featuring the WWE Title and ECW Title!