Oakland Raiders Considering a Color Change, Al Davis Wants To Lose the Black

Angel Navedo@NamedAngelSenior Writer IJanuary 4, 2009

"Brighter colors, brighter future," were the words Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis used to preface his call with reporters early Sunday morning.

"I've been meeting with a spiritual advisor, and she told me that black has enveloped the essence of my team while creating a bad aura around my beloved Raiders," claimed Davis.

"I think a change in colors will go a long way towards changing our recent traditions."

The Oakland Raiders' uniform has long been considered one of the NFL's best for its subtle quality and classic look. Davis insisted that he has no intention of altering that aspect of the team's tradition—only the colors.

"From a strategic perspective, you have to understand my position. This is [expletive] California! What are we doing wearing black?" exclaimed Davis.

"My guys were suffocating!"

When asked which color combinations were his favorite for the new Raiders, Davis said he wanted to take a cue from another professional Oakland team.

"The green and yellow used by the Oakland A's makes me feel really good," said Davis. "I think that's the direction I want to go in for the Raiders."

Davis hesitated for a moment when he was reminded that those same colors are worn by the 6-10 Green Bay Packers.

However, he was confident that he and his "contacts at Crayola would develop unique shades of the colors" for Oakland.

"I know this is going to upset a lot of fans, but it's necessary. It's been very dark for a very long time," pleaded the long-time owner. "I want the fans in the Black Hole to remain eccentric—as long as they recognize that it's now called the Rainbow Room."

Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell was shocked to learn of the suggestion. "Is that what he's really doing right now? I thought he was looking for a coach," said Russell.

Al Davis wouldn't comment on the progress of the open tryout, but he did confirm that his search continues. Davis would say that anyone he picks will "have to look good in yellow."


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