Ohio State Football Proving an Exercise in Futility

Roberto ArevaloCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

(Writers Note: The title was originally "Thanks, But No Thanks, Ohio State!!" but was changed by BR staff to add hits)
The Ohio State University is officially THE laughingstock of all college football after laying another egg in another BCS (Buckeye Choke Series) bowl game.
The latest team to benefit? The 2009 Fiesta Bowl Champion Texas Longhorns.
Is it a stretch to say OSU coach Jim Tressel is or should be under the hot seat, or are the Columbus faithful actually happy with these dismal performances year after year?
One would certainly hope not.
And please, do not point to the Notre Dame game, because we all know who they are now—that team was simply just a Brady Quinn makeover at the time.
What is the point of having All-Big Ten and All-American players on your squad if your team cannot compete on a national level?
More importantly, what about all the seniors? A senior class that includes LB James Laurinaitis, CB Malcom Jenkins, WR Brian Robiskie, T Alex Boone, and the black sheep of the bunch, QB Todd Boeckman (who was unfairly benched and used sparingly despite clearly being able to still help the team in some capacity. Remember, it worked for the Gators—just look at the highlights). 
Call it complacency on behalf of the Big Ten over the last few years, but that excuse can only go so far. I think the finger has to pointed at the the program at Ohio State. 
Just what exactly is their goal?  
To beat Michigan? 
OK, this is the best rivalry in all of sports, so that is a respectable goal. And in all fairness, in the last couple of years, they have done a good job of doing so.  
Is it to win the Big Ten?  
OK, but take that to the bank now. The Big Ten Conference is viewed as a joke now, and a large reason for that is as a result of that team in scarlet and gray. 
Sure, this discussion could be reversed if Quan Cosby doesn't shake loose for the game-winning score with 16 seconds left. But the same could be said for the last-second Longhorn field goal to knock off the Michigan Wolverines in the 2005 Rose Bowl and countless other bowl scenarios.  
You cannot play the game of "what if" and if you are, you're playing games with yourself. You're not the only team that's hoping for "next year." 
Ohio State has played for a national championship in two out of the last three years, for crying out loud!
James Laurinaitis basically alluded to saying the Bucks were scared last year, more so than the year before, according to commentary. 
My question is, why would you even think like that when you're playing for what all legitimate teams hope to play for, and what should be your ultimate goal, a national championship?
Something is not right here. 
The players. 
The fans. 
The head coach. 
They may have been able to get away with the loss to Florida, but to come back again the following year and not show up is just pathetic. 
If I were truly a part of this fan base, I would really start to ask some serious questions about the direction of the program, because enough is enough. 
Do it for the students, faculty, and alumni that actually care.
Do it for the other Big Ten teams, because we're really all in it together at this point.
Better yet, why not let Michigan represent the Big Ten? We'll all be better off with the "Leaders and Best."