University of Connecticut: Filling out for 2008 Women's Final Four

Courtney BrameContributor IApril 2, 2008

What better to see than the University of Connecticut vs. Stanford and LSU vs. Tennessee in the women’s Final Four.


But the University of Connecticut seems to have the upper hand when playing Stanford in the Final Four.

Not only does the University of Connecticut have the coach, but they have the players. Renee Montgomery along with Ketia Swainger showed off their shooting skills and, combined, gave the University of Connecticut 45% of their winning score.


Even with those two players, you have to add Maya Moore, the Big East player of the year, in the mix of things .

Ranked No. 1, University of Connecticut entered the NCAA tournament with a 36-1 season, winning against Stanford in the regular season 66-54.

Now, let’s look at their opponent, Stanford.


Entering into the NCAA tournament as the number two seed, Stanford leaves the regular season with a 34-3 record.


But I have to admit, Stanford has seen the worst side of player injury for this season. Point Guard JJ Hones had an ACL injury from last season and Michelle Harrison started the season off with a torn ACL as well.

Stanford’s bench is not as deep as Coach Tara VanDerveer would like to see, but they still have the PAC 10’s all time leading scorer Candice Wiggins who scores more than 19 points per game.

So, who’s going to win? The University of Connecticut, of course. They have more depth, talent, and had a better season than Stanford.


Candice Wiggins cannot carry Stanford to the championship by herself. Connecticut’s all around talent can and will bring them to the championships and beyond.