Similar in Name Only: A Comparison of Chris Lofton and Dennis Rodman

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMay 1, 2008

Chris Lofton didn't tell anyone besides his parents and coaches that he was battling cancer.

Dennis Rodman told the reading public that he masturbates twice a week.

Chris Lofton made ESPN's front page for his courageous battle against a deadly disease.

Dennis Rodman made ESPN's front page for getting arrested for an alleged domestic disturbance.

Chris Lofton stated that he now feels completely healthy.  He is ready to hush the doubters who don't think he will have a professional basketball career.

Dennis Rodman stated that he needs to check into a rehab facility.  He is ready to heed the warnings of concerned people who think he's drinking too much.

Chris Lofton compensated for his shortcomings by shooting for an hour before practices and lifting weights after practices. 

Dennis Rodman compensated for his shortcomings—c'mon, who are we kidding?

Chris Lofton wasn't recruited by the two biggest schools in the state where he won Mr. Basketball as a high school senior. 

Lofton dealt with this disappointment by accepting a scholarship to Tennessee and leading his team to two straight Sweet 16 appearances—and not for the coach who recruited him.

Dennis Rodman was left by three coaches who were willing to put up with his eccentric behavior.  He dealt with those disappointments by making life a living heck for the coaches who replaced them. 

Rodman was let go by all three teams who decided his rebounding skills weren't enough to justify putting up with his crap.

And there is one comparison that bears mentioning—Rodman has five championships.  Lofton has none.

But who would you rather have as a teammate?