Phoenix Suns Offseason: Who's Left on The Market?

Kew SkwaredCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2008

With no surprise trade thus far into the off-season, the Phoenix Suns now look towards free agency to bring some talent to the roster.

Elton Brand recently signed with the Sixers for a tremendous amount of money$82 million for the next five years to be exact.

Corey Maggette surprisingly signed with the Golden State Warriors.

Mickael Pietrus signed with the Orlando Magic.

James Jones signed with the Miami Heat.

Chris Duhon signed with the New York Knicks

Not like any of these players were being heavily pursued by the Suns anyway, but who else is left on the market? Knowing the Suns management, they are on a tight budget, so who ever is left they better come cheap.

Here's a list of players that are still on the market:

James Posey- Probably the best free agent on the market right now. Why? This guy will do whatever it takes to win. He won two championships with two different teams (Miami Heat and Boston Celtics).

Posey is a three-point threat, a great defender, and a solid rebounder at the SF position. More than likely, he'd start in Phoenix, with Grant Hill coming off the bench. The Suns need another shooter and Posey would bring that, and more.

The Suns would have a slim chance at landing him however, considering he wants a five year deal at age 31. As ridiculous as that may sound, I know one team will make him the deal he is looking for, and that team will NOT be Phoenix. 

Brent Barry-The Suns were in heavy contention to acquiring Barry when he was waived by the Sonics after being traded for Kurt Thomas last February by the Spurs. However, he resigned with the Spurs later in the season and is now looking for another team.

Barry would add another veteran to the already "ancient" team that is the Phoenix Suns. He could bring leadership, and a deadly shooter from beyond the arc.

However, Barry is most likely going to stay in Texas.  Indications point towards the Rockets, where they can offer him their biannual exception worth $1.9 million. The Suns used their exception on Grant Hill last off-season so they'd only be able to offer him $1.2 million veteran's minimum salary.

Michael Finley-Another aging veteran who has a nice three point shot. He was a Phoenix Suns killer in game one of the first round of the playoffs (hitting a game tying three pointer in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter).

Finley no doubt has a little bit left in the tank, but is he willing to give Phoenix a chance? It's a shot in the dark, but he's worth calling.

Shaun Livingston-This kid had a lot of potential going for him being a 6'7 point guard, but with his devastating injury his value isn't very high. That being said, he'd be cheap (what the Suns are looking for) and could be a steal of the market.

But, the Suns are looking for a veteran point guard, that can take a load off of Nash, which leads me to my next candidate.

Tyronn Lue-Lue has averaged 8.9 points and 3.3 assist per game in his career. He was pursued by the Suns after he was waived by the Kings in March, but Lue chose Dallas over Phoenix. Lue stated that he chose Dallas because he was afraid that Suns former coach Mike D'Antoni would only use seven players in his rotation.

Lue played with Shaq back in 2000 and 2001 where he was a part of their two championship rings. More than likely Lue will sign with the Suns.

Devin Brown-Brown is an above average defender with limited offensive abilities but could be signed by the Suns for a cheap contract worth around $1.2 million. He averaged 7.5 points last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers and had his best year in the season of 06-07, where he averaged 11 points for the Hornets.

He is rumored to be on the Suns radar already, so don't be surprised if he is wearing purple and orange next season.

Darius Miles-Now he isn't necessarily on the free agency list of most attractive players, but apparently the Suns have shown interest in him. Why? I personally have no clue. He was once, a good player (nothing more) with some potential, but has missed the past two seasons due to a right knee injury.

On the plus side, Miles would be another gamble for cheap. He could potentially come into town and do some damage, or he could be a bothersome player aggravated by injuries. If Miles was signed, he'd have to serve a ten game suspension for violating an anti-drug program.

Other notables-Quintin Ross, Jason Williams, Eddie House, Casey Jacobsen, Maurice Evans, Keyon Dooling, Bonzi Wells, Fred Jones, Anthony Johnson, Ricky Davis.

My predictions (which are almost always wrong): The Suns sign Tyronn Lue, resign Sean Marks or Brian Skinner ( preferably Brian Skinner), and sign Devin Brown.