Mats Sundin Still Entertaining Offers, Besmirches Canucks

Elbow MurderpantsCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2008

I pity the Vancouver Canucks. Though I hold no allegiance to the team, I do appreciate the efforts of any franchise that makes a genuine attempt to improve.


This was probably the hope of the Canucks when they endeavored to enlist the help of Mats Sundin and Pavol Demitra.


No word but “hapless” can be used to describe the Canucks' past efforts to better their team. From the horrid misuse of Cam Neely as a fighter to the doomed signing of Mark Messier, Vancouver has tried and failed every attempt to reach the elite status.


Now their earnest attempt to cover the loss of Marcus Naslund has been scuttled. Keep in mind, I write this in full confidence that Mats Sundin will either sign with another team (likely New York) or simply retire.


The quality of Mats Sundin as a hockey player is, in my opinion, self-evident. To question why Vancouver would offer him around $10 million per year for two years is a non-subject. The only question is, why are they leaving it on the table?


It’s clear that Mats is not really interested in having to stock up on umbrellas and move to “Raincouver” for even two measly years. Waiting in vain for Sundin to pass up $10 million a year is just embarrassing to the franchise.


Like a kid trying to bargain with his parents so he doesn’t have to go to school, Sundin is begging for another team to give him even a half decent offer so he can respectfully decline the Canucks generous offer.


Working diligently with his agent, Mats has been crafting counter offers and laundry list demands that, in his mind, would trump the prospect of playing in Vancouver.


Here is what he suggested to the Flyers:


•$2 million a year for two seasons

•A house

•A Harley with chrome headers

•A $1 million injury clause


His desire to play in Colorado is a little stronger, therefore he suggested a different deal might supersede the Vancouver offer:


•$1 million for one year

•A ride to the games

•Five cases of Orange Pop

•A new suit (a nice one)

•The Blue Ray DVD version of Batman


As many know, the team he really wants to finish his career with is the New York Rangers, ergo he tipped them to the fact that he might be willing to give more weight to their offer if they “out- bid” the Canucks with the following:


•He pays them $1 million

•Free popcorn

•A signed Jean Ratelle rookie card

•Tickets to Letterman for his cousins

•A bus pass (also good for subway)


Now while these offers may seem like a better deal than playing in Vancouver to some, I have to think this is just an insult to the organization. One that, at the very least, should compel the team to rescind their $20 million a year offer