Fantasy Football Nightmare!!!

GregContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

So I go into Monday Night up by 11.5 points in my head-to-head matchup.  I have DeSean Jackson still to play and my opponent has Felix Jones.  I am feeling pretty confident that I am on my way to a 2-0 start to the season.  So I get in my car to drive home from night class and tune into the game where I hear the announcer doing the "20...10...5...Touchdown!!!"  This was the first thing I hear so I am saying please let this be DeSean and not "Felix Jones with a 98 yard kick return for a touchdown." 

This is the first season that we have done points for return yards and TD's.  So at this point I am sweating a bit but still confident because I know Desean can return as well, plus he is showing to be a go to receiver, and I knew Jones would not get many carries with Barber in the game.  Keep in mind that we had a major power outage in Cincinnati due to the 70 mile per hour winds that made their way up North the day once I got home the only way for me to keep up with stats was on my cell phone.

Tuesday morning I wake up and all my light are turned on in the house...sweet, the power is back on.  So of course I go the computer room to check the final score.  Before I even get to the part where I login the first story I see has a picture of DeSean Jackson in the end zone with a caption above in bold that reads something like "BONEHEAD!"  After watching the video I get into my fantasy league and see that my record is 1-1 as oppose to the 2-0 I was hoping for.  6 points for receiving TD's...I lose by a final score of 93 to 88. 

I think the worst part about it was the wasted performances my other starters had.  Portis had close to 100 with 2 TD's, Calvin Johnson with 2 TD's and triple digit yards, Wayne with his usual solid numbers (even though his drop didn't help either, but it wasn't as dramatic).  DeSean still faired better than my 4th and 5th WR options and I think he will be a beast all year as my WR 3. 

I'm sure I am not alone...Anyone who started Mcnabb (I have him as my #2 QB), DeSean, or maybe played someone who had Westbrook.  I guess it could be worse though...I could have drafted Tom Brady.