Top 10 NBA Jerseys Of All Time

Pete TreperinasCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

10. Toronto Raptors (1995-99). The jerseys that the Raptors started their NBA history with were pretty fly. Made famous by Vince Carter and T-Mac, these jerseys were inspired by Jurassic Park which was released in 1995. Don't be shocked if this jersey makes a return as a throwback 10 years down the road.  


9. Philadelphia 76ers (1997-08). Although there have been some minor changes in the last 10 years, the jersey that has "SIXERS" across the front. When wearing these jerseys, Philadelphia saw a trip to the Finals and an MVP for Allen Iverson. 



8. Milwaukee Bucks (early 90’s). This Bucks jersey is one of the only somewhat recent jerseys that actually depicts the teams’ mascot on the front. It’s forest green with a pissed off looking 8-point buck staring you down- what’s not to like?








7. Chicago Bulls (1986-current). Throughout the 90's, this was probably the most common bought jersey in the league. MJ, Pippen, and Rodman all wore the scary red at home and white on the road, and were feared league-round in these jerseys. Though they have changed little bits and pieces, the jersey remains basically the same.


6. Indiana Pacers (2006-current). Taking a retro look, the Pacers took the pin-stripes out, and added a solid stripe down each side. The Pacers sport white or yellow at home and blue on the road. However, the colors have stayed the same since the Pacers were in the ABA in the 70's.



5. Seattle SuperSonics (1994-01). The late Sonics made a trip to the 1996 Finals, as well as eight consecutive playoff appearances in the 90’s, and they wore these emerald green jerseys for most of that run. Whenever I see this jersey, I visualize Payton throwing an oop to Kemp. 


4. Denver Nuggets (1974-late 80's). The rainbow Denver skyline with mountains in the background is a classic. White at home blue on the road.


3. Washington Bullets (1977-78). The Bullets played back-to-back NBA Finals series’ against the Sonics daunting these patriotic jerseys, and Wes Unseld led that team. Recently, this jersey has become a popular throwback, and goes down as one of the best jerseys in history.


2. Detroit Pistons (1979-96). They were bad boys. Lambeer, Thomas, Dumars, Rodman. The Pistons were feared league-round when they wore these, and now they’ve gone back to these colors, with a similar design. However, they’ll never be able to top the old-school Pistons duds.

1. San Francisco Warriors (1966-67). Wilt Chamberlain had just departed, and it was Rick Barry’s team at that time. Not only did they win the Finals in ’67, they looked really good doing it. In 2004 the Warriors wore these jerseys again.