When They Were Young: Football Stars Before the Fame and Fortune

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2008

Ever wonder how our favourite footballers looked before the fame, fortune, expensive haircuts, and fan followings? Did they know back then that millions of people around the world would idolise them? Or were they just normal kids who had sports, pranks and toys in their minds.

Would you even be able to recognise some of them? Have a look and take a guess.


Baby_Van_Persie.jpg van persie picture by miz_understood_2006This Dutch striker doesn't seem to have changed much from his childhood days. The hair and the smile will give it away. Any guesses?
I wonder if this footballer knew how unlucky the No. 13 would be for him. This German Midfielder once again had to settle for a silver during the Euros.minimicha.jpg picture by miz_understood_2006
babydeco.jpg picture by miz_understood_2006Also known as the playmaker, this recently signed Chelsea player criticised Robinho's Manchester City move. He has to be one of the cutest kids ever. Any idea who?
His fashion sense and popularity may have improved, but it looks to me like he's still the same ol' Fat Frank :)babylamps.jpg picture by miz_understood_2006
youngnando.jpg picture by miz_understood_2006Lucky for this Liverpool striker, with fame came a new hairstyle, although the freckles didn't go anywhere :) Who is he?!
This heart-throb is very popular amongst many people. He's either loved or hated with a passion. It's either love to hate him, or have to love him. No more hints on this one!ron.jpg picture by miz_understood_2006
rooney.jpg picture by miz_understood_2006England's No. 9—even at a very young age, I'm sure this player still drew up a lot of Red Cards!
This captain still retains his boyish charm and adorable smile. Looks like he was born in a Liverpool shirt.geerrrrarddd-1.jpg picture by miz_understood_2006
henry.jpg picture by miz_understood_2006And finally, here's the best baby picture of the lot. Not because it's totally hilarious and because I'm sure this footballer would have tried to get the picture off the internet, but simply because it's too damn cute! He's a former Arsenal player...I'll leave it to you to figure out who it is!