Oh The Wonderful World of Fantasy Football...

GregContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

I'm still not really sure what happened in week 3 of my fantasy football league.  It started out okay.  I only had 2 players in 1:00 pm games, Portis and Edge.  They gave me a combined 20 points, though not great it was solid.  Little did I know that by the end of Sunday nights game that 20 points would account for about 66% of my total points. 

Let's start with my QB Big Ben.  It was a toss up between he and McNabb but even with the bad shoulder I liked his chance more than McNabb against the Steelers defense.  How wrong was I.  Low passing yards, 1 pick and 2 lost fumbles put me at -4 points.  On the other side McNabb was not great but managed to rack up 10 points.  That great assumption about better defenses cost me a 14 point swing in the negative direction.

Next we have my 3 WR's who were studs last week, minus S Jackson's bonehead move which cost me an L in week 2 (I lost by 5 points).  Jackson offered me up a whopping 3.3 points.  My keeper from last year, Wayne, failed to reach the end zone for the first time this year.  He provided me with 4.9 points.  Next I had Calvin Johnson who was coming off a monster game last week but failed to do much against the 49ers.  He earned me 2.6 points.  So my 3 studs combined for about 11 points, which is half of what Calvin earned by himself last week.

This next one I am almost too embarrassed to talk about.  I had hyped up my waiver wire pick of Fasano at TE only to bench him in place of Todd freaking Heap.  I was thinking that Heap would finally show up against a suspect Browns defense and Fasano would struggle against New England.  Wrong and Wrong!  Although Bo Scaife is still available in my league and I am very tempted to drop Heap and pick him up.  End result: Heap 2.1 points; Fasano 10.4.

For the third week in a row I started Vinatieri.  For the third week in a row my backup, Longwell, has out-performed him.  Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns and hope you don't get smoked.  This one cost me 5.5 points.

The Monday Night game has ended and I did keep San Diego's Defense in over Indy which turned out in my favor.  Unfortunately, my opponent was already ahead by 20 points and still had LT going in the game.  Don't you hate when your opponent is having a horrible week but somehow you manage to have an even worse week?

This week 3 is by far the worse week of fantasy football I have ever encountered.  I only had 2 of my starter's score touchdowns and one of them came from my defense.  I can guarantee this type of performance will not happen again, there is just no way it could be repeated.  This was just one of those crazy weeks where you look and say "wow, if I would have played my bench over my starter's I may have won this week". 

In week 4 I am looking to score 200 points.  God I love fantasy football!