NFL Fantasy: Top 10 Players of 2008

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2008

Is it too early to start talking about 2008 fantasy football? I don't think so!

To get a jump-start on next year's Fantasy Draft, here are your current top 10 fantasy players for 2008. (Not including 2008 rookies)

10. Rudi Johnson (CIN) 

Alright, don't start bashing me for this. I think Johnson will have a far greater year in '08 than last year. With all the play-actions that Cincinnati loves to do he should get some much deserved carries to keep the opposing defense on their toes. He can also set up that long pass that Palmer loves to heave.

9.  Reggie Bush (NO)

Talk about an off-year. When half of New Orleans running game disappeared when McAllister got hurt, I guess so did Bush's fantasy numbers. I don't expect him to repeat this years stats at all, he should have a far greater year next year.  That is if he works harder this summer.

8. Willie Parker (PIT) 

If he can fully recover from his broken leg injury he should come back to a great Pittsburgh team in '08. Davenport, Parker's great counterpart, should take some of the load off of Parker, leaving Parker free to break for some big runs. The reason he is ranked so low is because he most likely won't be getting all of the goal line touches next year, so his fantasy points will take a hit. But that doesn't mean he isn't still a great fantasy start every week.


7. Larry Johnson (KC) 

It looks like Holmes is gone for good this time. This means that Johnson should get almost all of the Kansas City carries, and he should make the most of it. With Croyle as their quarterback, the Chiefs will need to rely on Johnson all they can if they want any kind of success next year.

6.  Brian Westbrook (PHI)

Leading the NFC in rushing yards from scrimmage in '07, he is as great in the backfield as he is after he catches the ball. Being one of the best in yards-after-catch in the NFL, if he stays healthy, he should get to carry almost the entire load of Philadelphia's offense, depending on who is behind center in 2008.

5. Joseph Addai (IND) 

It's weird, isn't it, when a team with as dynamic of a passing game as Indy has would have such an effective running game. It's true. Indianapolis can turn a game around quickly by pounding the ball play after play after play, and then launch one to Wayne for 40 yards with such ease, they make it look simple. Addai is extremely versatile and has superb lateral speed to be compared to the quickest NFL linebackers.

4. Tom Brady (NE) 

For exactly the same reasons as Randy Moss, New England will be 'forced' to throw the ball more than they did in '07. If he and the Patriots don't win the Super Bowl in '08, he will come out with a vengeance that I suspect will be taken out on every defense he plays against.

3. Randy Moss (NE)

If he is resigned by New England (which I'd be shocked if he isn't), he and Brady should have a better year than they did this year (even though it's not over yet). Why is this? Because New England's defense will take a hit this year with the departure of Asunte Samuel, and possibly others. This will 'supposedly' force New England to throw the ball 'more'. Look for a huge '08 from Randy Moss.

2. Adrian Peterson (MIN)

 The dynamic rookie out of Oklahoma looked great in the first half of the season, with his 296 yard game, and plenty of 3 touchdown games to satisfy fantasy football owners. But, much to their dismay, he didn't pass the century mark very much at all in the second half of the season. "Is he overrated?" I don't think so. He was a rookie, and even now he is one of the hardest-working players in the NFL, as he tries to get better for 2008.

1. LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)

So, what else is new? Tomlinson remains number one on my board for the third consecutive year, and it looks like he could stay there for another year or two. He has the awesome ability to take over a game. He has the durability to take 40 carries a game, and consistently is among the league leaders in scoring.