Seth Petruzelli Wins While the World Remains Unshocked

The Yacman Ron YacovettiCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008


By The Yacman, Ron Yacovetti




To cause to feel wonder, astonishment, or amazement, as at something unanticipated.


At the close of EliteXC's HEAT from Miami, FL, on CBS, one of the commentators (was difficult to discern who) exclaimed something to the effect of Kimbo's being beaten like he was, is the greatest upset in MMA history. The excited remark concluded with an equally dramatic declaration that the Mixed Martial Arts world is shocked.

Now, I don't pretend to BE the MMA world, I'm just one small member of it, but I have an ear to the terrain in that world, and Kimbo Slice losing to a more well-versed MMA fighter likely didn't shock many people beyond Kimbo Slice and EliteXC.

So far in Kimbo's young career, he faced a past-his-prime boxer in Ray Mercer, Bo Cantrell, who seemed beaten before the bell, Tank Abbott, who is from the same brawler school of fighting and also past his best years, in addition to James Thompson, who came very close to beating him.

It isn't shocking to most MMA fans when they see a young, more cage-savvy fighter like Seth Petruzelli dethroning Slice.

Now, Kimbo losing isn't the worst part of Kimbo's first defeat. Again, most hardcore MMA fans expected it sooner rather than later, unless he took on cans for opponents.

What hurt EliteXC and Kimbo's Mike Tyson-esque mystique is that Ken Shamrock had to bail because of that cut he received over his eye while warming up, then a guy off the under-card who was let go by the UFC, not only stepped in and beat him, but he did it in 14 SECONDS!

Is Kimbo Slice and his audience drawing appeal over? Not by far. Each compelling story, in this case, a touching rags to riches story, has subsequent chapters. This saga still has its climax, and before it, the build up to it, which should consist of Kimbo's grandiose comeback.

Of course, IF Kimbo cannot mount an impressive win without lowering the level of opposition to that of his first three fights, then his comeback will deflate gradually, like a tire with a nail in it. All of a sudden, you glance over and it's not going anywhere, anymore.

As someone who has shared time talking to Kimbo, I certainly hope he makes his way to the top of the division by overcoming all critics and opposition. He has the athleticism to do it, and he really is a nice man.

As for the HEAT event EliteXC put on this evening, overall, I thought the card was solid. Gina delivered, I felt. She always seems to be more of a problem to deal with than her opponents seem to realize until they ARE IN THERE with her.

Kelly is very good and helped Gina's cred in victory. I did wonder why she only went to the leg, body, and head kicks in round three and not all night. She completely beat the wind out of Kaitlin Young last time with front kicks, which helped keep her at an advantageous striking distance as well. That I can't explain.

Arlovski versus Nelson was a solid fight that helped the event for sure, I'd say. And Shields' defending his title against Daley was becoming a back and forth of momentum the longer it went on.

Jake was in over his head on his feet, yet on the ground he comes across like a guy who just cannot be denied a submission if left there long enough. Paul Daley is amazing, and he should find no shame in a tap out loss to Jake Shields.

He simply learned that the bar for submission defense that works 98 percent of the time, is not high enough to stop so masterful a jiu-jitstu practitioner as Jake Shields.

Paul's striking did enough to have me afraid to look away, fearing I could miss a title changing hands in a single shot.

So as another groundbreaking MMA on network TV show goes down in the books, and the Kimbo versus Ken morphed into Kimbo versus Petruzelli and a 14-second loss for Slice, one cannot help but wonder what negative fallout the promotion will receive from this scenario, considering it was built around Slice, staged in Slice's backyard, and closed out with a Slice fight that lasted less time than his ring walk.

A terrific fight card with one major blemish that just might leave MMA fans looking at EliteXC's bringing HEAT to Miami like they'd brought sand to the beach.