FSU Club Basketball: A Day In The Life Of Preya Bhavsar

HCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2008

Some individuals never work out, while others make it a daily priority to get to the gym. Others stay in shape by playing team sports. At Florida State, the University offers club basketball to students. The women's is fairly new having been created two years ago.

"I've been playing basketball since I was seven-years-old," FSU junior and team member Preya Bhavsar said. "It's become part of my life. When I came to FSU I wanted to be involved in anything that involved basketball."

Bhavsar, from Windermere, Fla. joined FSU women's club basketball after a friend introduced her to some members of the team. But Club basketball is not the only thing she spends committing her time to and using energy towards. On campus she is a part of the Relay for Life 2008 committee as the co-chair for Yards Against Cancer. She dedicates herself to other obligations outside of FSU too.

"Off-campus I am an intern at the children's clinic and I volunteer for Tallahassee Memorial Hospital," Bhavsar said.

The 19 year-old Bhavsar, who is currently working as a lifeguard at the YMCA, was extremely involved in high school as well. Her engagements included student government and volunteering at Arnold Palmer Hospital and Florida Hospital. Of course, as an athlete, she made time for sports too.

"I played basketball all four years and was on Varsity for three years," Bhavsar said. "I was on the Varsity lacrosse team my senior year."

Bhavsar said she has fun being with the team, and getting to play a game she absolutely adores.

"My favorite memory is the team tournament we went to in Gainesville, Fla.," FSU senior and club Vice President Angela Minervino said. "We, as a team, got to bond and see what we were made of."

The ladies spend an average of three days of the week on the court practicing their game. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a convenient time that suits everyone given there are so many girls.

"The most difficult part of being involved in club basketball is helping organize practices and tournaments," FSU junior and club Vice President Theresa Hackett said. "Finding practice times to fit everyone's schedule is nearly impossible. You have to be very patient and understanding."

After a day of lectures and tests, there are many things to look forward to as a member of the team.

"One of the benefits of being involved is you have a group of people to connect with while doing something you love. It's probably the best thing when the stress of classes is overbearing," Bhavsar said. "Exercise is always a good benefit too."

Bhavsar is taking three classes over the summer, contributing to her major in Biology and minor in Chemistry and Physics. After FSU, she aspires to become a doctor.

"College graduation is only the beginning for me. I'm heading to medical school after graduation," Bhavsar said. "Hopefully in years to come, I'll become a pediatrician."

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