If You Want the Flyers' New Orange Jersey, It'll Cost You a Ton of Green

Jim McNultyCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their "throwback" orange alternate jersey Wednesday, hearkening back to the franchise's glory days of Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent and their two-time Stanley Cup Champions of the 1970s.

The prices of that long-gone era, however, did not apparently make it into the time capsule.

According to philadelphiaflyers.com, an authentic blank adult sweater will cost $349. Replicas range from $149 to $199 for a customized one. Youth sizes range from $99-$139.

Now, I love my Flyers. I love the history. I love the sport.

But I ain't coughing up that much cash.

No way. No how (or Howe for that matter).

Are ticket sales that bad that the team is trying to make it cheaper to actually attend the game instead of buying the new jersey?

"Gee, hon, I'd really like to buy Jimmy that new Flyers jersey for Christmas... but they're so expensive, let's just hop in the car and take the whole family to a game next week."

Okay, a bit of an exaggeration—particularly with the cost of tickets these days.

But the point remains, in this economy, how many hockey fans have the disposable income to drop that kind of coin on a purchase like that? Particularly if they've already spent money on game tickets, parking, concessions, etc.

Had they been smart, they would have unveiled this at the start of the season and capitalized on the nostalgia of playing the last game at the Spectrum, and had the team wearing them.

Perhaps what happened to Apple when it released the iPhone will repeat here: Offer it at a high price to start, then drop it a few months later—and tick off everyone that overpaid to begin with.

However you slice it, it's good to see the Orange and Black actually back wearing orange and black. 

It's a shame the guys on the ice may be the only ones who can afford to be.