Steven Gerrard And I Have a Lot In Common

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer INovember 22, 2008

I type the name "Steven Gerrard" and get news, pictures and videos linked with him.

I type Michelle Alves, and I get some model, who looks nothing like I do and I know this because if I looked half as hot as she did I wouldn’t still be single!

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool mid-fielder, captain and an "Inspirational Player." Well boo-hoo, I should be as famous too! Why? We have a lot in common, That’s why!

The "Inspirational factor"

Well, everyone knows a lot of people look up to Gerrard. Great, but so what! People look up to me too!

Ask my cat. Every night at 8 o'clock, he sits on the floor and looks up to me. Ok, so perhaps that’s just because he is hungry but it's true!

My four year old cousin looks up to me too! And no, it’s not because he is short!

Come-back king’s leader!

Yes, he leads Liverpool to brilliant come-backs with his motivation and faith. And I do too! Well, not my team since I have none, but I did lead my FIFA 09 team to a brilliant come back.

We were losing 1-0 and then I scored thrice (yes I did, because so what if there’s another name on the back of the player with the ball, I’m controlling him, so I win!).


Stevie has stuck by his team through thick and thin, and so did I (not my team but myself).

I’ve always stuck by the fact that I’m great! No matter how much my mother tells me that am not true! I bet even Stevie’s mother says "You don’t move your feet right," or "Stand up straight, Steven." It doesn’t change the fact that he’s a good footballer! And it does change the fact that I am graeat!

The NumberEight

Of course it means a lot to Stevie, and it does to me too!

1) It was the age I started supporting Liverpool

2) It was when I started watching cricket

3) I went for my first ever concert at eight

4) I have eight Liverpool shirts (different seasons, but eight anyway)

5) I have eight m&m’s in front of me (well, okay so I put them there because I needed more points)

6) I’m a size eight! So see...the number eight should mean a lot to me too!

The English factor

Okay, so I’m not English but I’ve got Indian blood. And who doesn’t know that India used to be ruled by the British, right?! Right???

So you never know, there could be a bit of it in me!

The goal scoring!

I once scored 12 goals in a game. That makes me better than Stevie *sigh* I know. But, it was against eight year olds, so let’s say it was five goals! Since I had a bit of an unfair advantage.


I am a very determined person, Like Steven.

Once, I got a 23 out of 100 in my math examination. I was determined to do better the next week, and guess what. I got a 28/100! Which proves my point, if I put my mind to it, I can succeed!

Leadership Qualities!

Stevie is a great leader! Guess what, me too! Little boys from all over shiver in fear when they see me! They listen to whatever I say. I’m their gang leader. I can get them to do good and evil! Most of the time is the latter though!

So that was just a few reasons and there are many more but I won’t go on in order to avoid boring you guys.

So hey, Steven if you ever end up reading this...Give me a call, imagine how much more famous we could be together...

And you other people reading, you know I’m better, so get me up on Google! I know you guys can do it! Make me rich!


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