Danny Welbeck Can Play For England, Ghana, Scotland... Any More Bids ?

CarlyluvsunitedCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

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Manchester United's Danny Welbeck has a dilemma on his hands right now. He must choose whether he plays for England, Ghana or Scotland! How this choice for him ever arose is beyond me and that is my point here.

Ghana showed an interest in him for obvious reasons. At age 17, he is extremely talented and has a great future ahead of him. Both his parents are from Ghana too.

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has laughed off this dilemma though. He has been capped by England at Under-19 level, and could continue along the England path or choose to represent the country of his parents.

Fergie has offered some sound adviceignore both and play for Scotland instead.

"His parents are from Ghana so it is not a surprise, it is the boy's choice, although I would be surprised if he didn't play for Scotland. That is my big challenge now."

I think this "pick a country" option is ridiculous myself. If I was a footballer, it would mean I could play for India, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova or Ireland !! Why is that ?

Romany people stem from India and have travelled west for over 800 years and occupied all the countries I have mentioned. I could trace my family back to any one of these countries. I tagged Ireland on the end as my father is Irish, though I haven't seen him for years. This makes me half Romanian and half Irish technically, though I feel 100 percent allegiance to Romania and always will do, no offence to the Irish.

Here's the way I see it. The location where you are born is irrelevant. If a dog is born in a barn it's not a horse is it ? So it should come down to your parents and nothing else. With Danny Welbeck, he has Ghanaian parents so he is Ghanaian. Obviously he has lived here all his life, he has a British passport and is entitled to it, but his roots are in Ghana, he should want to represent the people he is originated from.

There will be times when one parent may be from say, France and one from Italy, as an example. In this situation they must choose between the two. As things stand right now, you can choose your country and then come up with some bizarre back tracking and that's it you qualify.

Welbeck playing for Scotland mystifies me. Maybe he ate a plate of Haggis aged six, or could he have glimpsed a copy of the Daily Record through a window of WH Smith ? .....