Texas Longhorns "Hooked" By Flawed BCS

onezuke18Correspondent INovember 1, 2016

You have got to be kidding me, BCS. Seriously, is this is an extremely tardy April fools' joke?

Tell me you were messing with all of us fans when you placed Oklahoma over Texas in the latest BCS rankings last night. Because if memory serves me correctly, I seem to remember earlier this season, Oct. 11 to be exact, Texas defeating Oklahoma at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas by 10 points, 10 points...a DOUBLE DIGIT VICTORY.

Texas has since lost one game and that was to a then-undefeated Texas Tech team on the road.  The six-point loss, which came in the waning seconds, is the reason why there was a three-way tie in the Big 12 South. But I'm digressing here...

The facts are that the alpha and omega in this conversation between Oklahoma and Texas begin and end at 45-35.

If Texas had lost a second football game before the end of the season, then, sure, give Oklahoma the Big 12 South bid to the conference championship game.  If that was the case, Texas would have no legs to stand on.

But that didn't happen.

So now Texas, with a record identical to that of the Sooners, now has to sit at home and hope that Missouri beats Oklahoma so justice can be somewhat done in this situation.

But regardless of that latter situation, it just further proves my point that the BCS structure is an absolute joke, and that a playoff must be implemented immediately following the season to stop this nonsense. 

Assume Oklahoma, indeed, wins the Big 12 Championship (which it most likely will) and then plays and beats, say, Alabama to win the BCS National Championship.  Also assume that Texas beats Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl to finish No. 2 in the polls.  Both teams would finish with one loss.

How is that fair?  Texas beat Oklahoma to begin with.

I don't care what any of these BCS garbage computer ratings say.  If Oklahoma becomes the national champion, I will not recognize them as such. To me, Oklahoma will be a paper champion.

Stop it, BCS apologists! You have no legs to stand on in this argument.  The BCS has stolen the proof from the field, the proof that took place ON THE FIELD, WHERE THE GAMES ARE PLAYED.

That proof is immune to variables, mathematical equations, point differentials, magical mystic rainbows, and lucky charms tricks.

But the funniest part of this entire travesty, this mockery, this farce is that if Oklahoma does manage to choke against Missouri this coming weekend, (and I hope to God they do...Go Mizzou!), Texas finally will get the opportunity that should've been its to begin with.

I want this to happen so I can sit back, laugh, and enjoy how the BCS committee and its apologist try and talk themselves out of this disaster.

I'm not even going to begin to get into the possibility of Alabama losing to Florida in the SEC Championship, which would leave Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma (assuming they do beat Mizzou), Texas Tech, and USC all with one loss.  And let us not forget undefeated Utah, Boise State, and Ball State.

So, go ahead, BCS.  Go ahead, college football, crown your paper champion, collect your money (because that is what this fraud of a current system is all about), and continue to hand us lines that the BCS creates the most compelling regular season.

But this fan knows better, and I'm not buying your brand. You screwed Auburn in 2004, you screwed USC in 2005, and now you are going to shaft Texas in 2008.

What a joke.  Texas fans should be fuming.

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