Dr. Lou Holtz Delivers Wisdom on ESPN

mpeskyContributor IDecember 5, 2008

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Dr. Lou is a very good motivational speaker. His words of wisdom do inspire.

Was he really a great football coach? Should we "bet the house" on his every word about college football? We all love the numbers, so let us take a look at some of these precious jewels.  

Dr. Lou Record  249-132-7                                

Joe Paterno Record 383-126-3                               

Bobby Bowden Record 380-121-4                                                     

Paul Bryant Record 323-85-17   

Coach Lou has one national title, 22 bowl games, and a winning percentage of .65077.

Joe Paterno has two national titles, 34 bowl games, and a winning percentage of .747.

Bobby Bowden has two national titles, 31 bowl games, and a winning percentage of .75605.

Coach Bryant has six national titles, 31 bowl games, and a winning percentage of .78. (percentages as of 2007)                                              

These numbers come from The College Football Data Base. I do not often like to look at statistics. Statistics don't win ball games, people do. Unfortunately, the bottom line is always expressed in numbers and numbers can be very cold. 

That means that Dr. Lou's teams lost approximately 35 percentage of the time. Would you go to a MD that lost 35 percentage of his/her patients?  Of course that is an absurd analysis but so is this whole Dr. Lou "thing."

Coach Holtz seems to be a very good man. I know that this man is respected by many and I am sure that he deserves this respect.  ESPN just needs to find another way to showcase this man of great words.

Let Coach Holtz display his wit and allow him to speak his wise words. Please just stop this Dr. Lou as football guru format.