Top 10 NFL/NBA Team Music Videos Of All Time

t williAnalyst IDecember 14, 2008

Most diehard football fans know the Super Bowl Shuffle, performed by the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears team. However, it is little known that the San Francisco 49er’s music video actually preceded the Chicago Bear’s Super Bowl Shuffle, and what started as a creative marketing tool paved the way for several other NFL teams to follow, and now fans can look back and enjoy an entertaining glimpse into their teams’ vault of entertainment talent.

There are several lesser known gems out there that should be just as widely broadcasted, due to their catchy lyrics, bobbing beats, ridiculous dress outfits, and hysterical choreography and story lines embedded in the music videos. These music videos, performed by some of the greatest players to have graced the field (and basketball court) are great snapshots of American sports and culture in the 1980’s. Here are the top 10 team music videos of all time.

Enjoy, and don’t eat or drink while watching these on youtube.comyou might choke from too much laughter.

10. Cleveland Browns- “Masters of the Gridiron” part two

The Browns’ video starts out with half the players adorned in rugged warrior wear, and the other half dressed like Samurais, and a fight erupts in the woods. Confused yet? Michael Stanley performs his song inside the Brown’s stadium, and the video is broken up with clips of actual game footage in between the fights.

This clip is part two of a story that is hard to follow; there is a ring that the players (still dressed up in warrior gear) are trying to take back from an evil villain. This video is for diehard Browns fans only; the following videos are easier to follow, and contain much more of a quality 1980’s touch.

9. Philadelphia Eagles- “Buddy’s Watchin’ You”

The Eagles stand around their studio and each take part in a rap designed to intimidate their opponents. What is intimidating in this video is the display of horrendous knit sweaters donned by the players. Some of the players are noticeably bad at rapping; however these guys get paid to play ball, not rap (and certainly don’t serve as fashion icons, thankfully).

This team, like many showcased in the list, wear sunglasses inside as another brisk fashion statement.

8.  Cincinnati Bengals- “Fear Da Tiger”

As popular a fad it was to create a team music video in hopes of reaching a Super Bowl, the majority of these teams did not in fact make the game despite clever lyrics, catchy tunes, and similar team video creations.

The Bengals didn’t seem to care about this fact, and came out with this song in 2005 featuring Bootsy Collins rapping with his hometown team. Although the beat is the best composition out of the selection, and the overall quality is vastly improved from the 80’s technology, we’re still left to wonder why Cincinnati felt the need to create a video in this day and age.

Perhaps they will inspire other recent teams to take the micit’d be quite the show to see Brett Favre busting out a rap or Peyton Manning singing his heart out. Personally, I think TO would be the first to step up to the challenge.

7. Oakland Raiders- “The Silver and Black Attack”

Al Davis is mentioned in this video; ironically, maybe the team and Davis should take a moment to watch this historical jewel from 1986 to recapture the spirit, and enthusiasm this team boasted during the filming of the video.

“We wear the silver, we wear the black, we never retreat, we always attack!” is the chorus of this team’s song, and is a refreshing, entertaining look at one of the league’s most intimidating teams (and their lesser seen, softer side).

6.  Seattle Seahawks- “Seahawk Locker Room Rock”

The Seahawks music video starts out in their locker room with the football players seemingly distressed and motivated. Once the jazzy piano music kicks in, however, the locker room is on its feet and singing away.

The Seahawks take the performance talent up a notch by actually singing, and not just rapping lines. A must-see moment: fast forward to 2:30 in the video to see Grandma. No further explanation can do justice to this scene.

5. Los Angeles Lakers- “Just Say No”

Adorned in cute, rainbow tank tops, the LA Lakers certainly keep one’s attention in this public service announcement music video. The clip preaches, “Cocaine and crack it’s all got to go/ we got to learn to just say NO!” and includes appearance from some of the greats, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kurt Rambis, and Magic Johnson.

Perhaps the funniest aspect is when a herd of children appear amongst the players, singing along “Just say no, just say no to drugs/ just say yes, just say yes to life.”

Perhaps what our drug awareness programs in schools are missing today is an inspiring, motivational announcement like this one.

4. Los Angeles Rams- “Ram it”

The Rams win points for choreographed dancing moves among the football team, as well as with the cheerleaders.

“We can’t sing and our dance isn’t pretty but we’ll do our best for the team in the city” is one classic line, as well as “I learned long ago you can ram it just right, you can ram it all day and ram it all night.”

The camera pans down the line of players, as they are hunched over on a rail, looking upwards and singing about ramming. The cheerleaders wave huge poofy pompoms as big as their 80’s hair, and an impressive trumpet solo by one of the guys rounds out this classic video.

3.  Miami Dolphins- “Cant Touch Us”

What Miami lacks in creativity certainly makes up for in hilarity in this music video. You know it’s going to be good when the first scene shows linebacker David Griggs wearing atrocious zebra pants and talking on a ‘cell’ phone the size of a meteor.

The video continues on to show the team rapping to M.C Hammer’s smash hit, “Can’t Touch This” and features scenes of players dancing on the field with cheerleaders adorned in vibrant, true-to-the-80’s clothing, and the quarterback riding up an escalator next to a Hooter’s waitress, leaving the reader with a clear warning, “you mess with Miami, you’re going to get burned.”

2. San Francisco 49ers- “We are the Niners”

The only reason this video didn’t land the number one spot is purely due to the lack of popularity compared to its rival. The song has a funky beat, catchy chorus, classic 1980 computer graphics interspersed throughout the video, and features some of the most historic ball players of the decade (Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice included) rapping about their feats on the field.

The video includes scenes of the players goofing around in the studio, in a backyard, and countless other random acts.

     1. Chicago Bears- “Super Bowl Shuffle”

The Chicago Bears success in 1985 certainly helped the popularity of their team song. The song reached No. 41 on the Billboard charts, and received substantial airplay. Although not as varied as the 49er’s song, the Super Bowl Shuffle features some of Chicago’s greats dancing and wiggling their bodies in tight football uniforms.

“Samurai” Mike (Singletary) is arguably the most amusing rapper to hit the microphone, donning thick glasses and rhyming in quite a memorable style.

“Punky QB” (quarterback Jim McMahon) actually admits he can’t dance; however these players get the thumbs up for effort and originality, and could certainly dance the football around the field.


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