Rams-49ers: St. Louis Makes Me Want To Gouge My Eyes Out

Gone FishingContributor IDecember 21, 2008

ST. LOUIS, MO - For the second straight week, the St. Louis Rams blew a double digit lead in the second half.  And for the second straight week, the Rams' game was blacked out on local television. 

Thank God for that.

The Rams failed to capitalize on four turnovers during the game, and the hapless San Francisco 49ers bumbled their way to a gift-wrapped 17-16 victory.  A typical and fitting ending for the dreary Rams in their last home game of the year in the equally dreary Edward Jones Dome.

There was one bright point in this game for Rams fans:  seeing (or hearing, since the game was not on TV) the Reverend Isaac Bruce chalk up his 1,000th career reception for a touchdown in the 4th quarter.  This feat was a painful reminder to Rams fans of how good things used to be.

In February, the Rams front office, in an incredible display of stupidity and ineptitude, released Bruce to make room on the roster for wide receiver Drew Bennett.  Bruce now has team-high 827 receiving yards and seven touchdowns for the 49ers this year.  And Bennett?  He played one game and netted four yards for the Rams this year.

Great move...



Rams running back Kenneth Darby was completely decimated in the first quarter by a sweet open-field hit by one of the officials.  It would probably behoove the Rams to hire that ref as the defensive coordinator for 2009, as he tackles better than anyone on the Rams defense. 



Marc Bulger threw one of his signature interceptions in the waning minutes of the game, begging the question:  What else is new?  He now has 13 interceptions and 10 touchdown passes on the year.



The Rams inexplicably went for it and failed to convert on 4th-and-3 in the first quarter while within field goal range (on San Fran’s 36).  The game was tied 0-0; why not kick the field goal?  Those three points would have come in handy at the end of the game.

How can the Rams seriously consider hiring Jim Haslett in 2009?