Three Places Where Carlos Boozer Would Fit In

Pete TreperinasCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

The Utah Jazz need a change badly if they want a chance to win the Northwest division. There have been some rumors that Carlos Boozer getting traded may be the change to rejuvenate a good Utah team.

Not to mention, Boozer will be a free agent at the end of the year, which means Utah may want to get something in return for him, as he could leave this coming offseason.

Earlier in the year, the Denver Nuggets (who at the time appeared dormant) traded Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups. This trade has turned the Nuggets into a legitimate contender for the division title. 

Here are three teams who could be a good fit for Boozer.

1. Miami Heat

Shawn Marion doesn't appear to be happy in Miami, and I don't think he ever really was. A Boozer-Marion deal seems to make sense.

The only problem here is the fact that Marion makes about $18 million while Boozer hauls in about $11.5 million. This most likely means that a few other Jazz players would have to get shipped to the Heat. 

I feel that Boozer would fit into Miami's system pretty well. With Dwyane Wade and Michael Beasely holding it down as the scorers, Boozer will bruise in the paint and get boards. 

Since Andrei Kirilenko and Marion are both small forwards, Utah would likely shift Marion down to the two-guard. Kevin Durant is 6-foot-9 and plays the two, and Marion is 6'8", so this isn't unheard of. 

If Miami gets Boozer, they could easily be a playoff team, and if Marion can play up to his potential, Utah should be in the same position. 

2. Washington Wizards

This trade would be a build for the future for Washington. 

I could see Boozer headed to the Wizards in return for Antawn Jamison, and maybe a player like Juan Dixon. 

Jamison is averaging near a double-double every game, and this year it just seems like his stats are being wasted. 

As for Boozer, he could be a big part of a Wizards team that will win games. Not this year so much, but this same Washington squad has made numerous trips to the postseason, and they'll be back. 

I think a trio of Caron Butler, Gilbert Arenas, and Boozer sounds pretty solid. 

This is another trade that would most likely give the Jazz the kick in the rear they need to get back on track, and it'll give Washington fans a bright spot in a terrible season. 

3. New Orleans Hornets 

Here's a possible trade I thought up: Carlos Boozer and Matt Harping to the Hornets for James Posey and David West.

If the Hornets were to add Boozer, their odds of representing the West in the Finals will get a lot better. I think Boozer is a better all-around player than West. Boozer scores more and gets more rebounds. 

I feel this trade is pretty fair, in that Boozer and West are both solid power forwards. Posey has been a factor in two of the past three NBA champions, and Harpring could use a new home to potentially get his minutes and stats back up. 

A combination of Tyson Chandler and Boozer scooping up boards and getting put-backs would be huge for the Hornets as well.