Emperor Adriano and Ronaldinho Gaucho To Be Called to Anfield

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IDecember 29, 2008

Liverpool supporters are calling for the club to invest in Adriano and possibly Ronaldinho in January.

It seems to be a possible solution to an apparent inability to deal with liquor at Anfield.

Both Adriano and Ronaldinho are notorious for their nighttime escapades invariably involving lots of wine and song.

However, the veteran party animals have always been able to focus on the goal, limiting their objectives to the relentless chase of the opposite gender.

It has become apparent that not all footballers are able to conduct themselves in such an exemplary manner and a certain Liverpool and English player called Steven Gerrard seems to have lost it at the Lounge Bar in Southport.

Unable to handle his liquor, Gerrard apparently attacked a DJ, insisting on hearing his favourite song.

Gerrard was apparently hanging out with five other men at the time.

As any veteran wine and song exponent would tell you this was his first crucial mistake. He should definitely have been hanging out with five babes instead.

The DJ was hit with a bottle on the head and badly beaten.

The England and Liverpool man then ended up being arrested and charged with assault.

Hence the cry for reinforcements at Anfield.

January could be an important transfer window for some wine, song and womanising elements to be introduced to help out with the dire situation. A Brazilian influence is desperately needed.

The new import may even be called on to play as Gerrard`s availability is now uncertain. His charges carry a maximum of five years in the slammer.

Gerrard definitely will not be available for Liverpool's next fixture as word has it he was extensively probed down at the station and would need time to recover.