Breaking News: Detroit Lions to Face Michigan Wolverines in GM/Ford Bowl Game!

Shashwat BaxiCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

Detroit, Michigan—The NFL and NCAA have agreed to join forces for the first ever General Motors/Ford Auto Bowl game that will put the Michigan Wolverines up against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.


People in the city of Detroit can rejoice over what can only be seen as a late Christmas gift for football fans of the Lions and Wolverines!


The 3-9 Michigan Wolverines had a terrible season under first year Head Coach Rich Rodriguez. The only real bright spot for the Wolverines was their win against Minnesota in the Battle for the Little Brown Jug. Other than that, Michigan fans would be hard pressed to even remember the other two victories this season.


After a tumultuous off-season with the retirement of Lloyd Carr and the hiring of a controversial Rich Rodriguez, the Wolverines found themselves facing an uphill climb from week one.


The new offense could never get it going and the old school defense just could not stop anyone. After a huge win over Florida last bowl season, the Wolverines could only watch on television.


The 0-16 Detroit Lions made themselves the laughing stock of the National Football League this season, as they officially became the worst team ever in the history of professional football.


Even with players like RB Kevin Smith, WR Calvin Johnson, and QB Duante Culpepper, the Lions could never put it all together in any one game.


Football fans around the league could not help but question how 53 professional football players could go through a season and not win even one game!


The Lions have a rich history of football, even though they have never really been a powerhouse team. This year, however, football fans in Detroit really have nothing positive to say about their team.


Head Coach Rod Marinelli has already been fired, along with other members of the front office and coaching staff. This game allows Coach Marinelli one last chance to get that elusive win.


This bowl game is being sponsored by General Motors and Ford, which also enjoy the thought of getting back to work after their terrible 2008. The Motor City could use these companies to bring people back to the city and out to a football game. Nothing could help this dilapidated city more than its own bowl game, with it’s own teams.


The game is scheduled for January 8th, 2009 at Ford Field in Detroit. It will be played at the same time that the BCS National Championship game is being played, because probably nobody in Michigan will be watching the game with Florida facing Oklahoma.


With the Red Wings, Pistons, and Tigers all contending for their respective titles, the Lions and Wolverines could get some sense of pride out of winning this game. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved, unless of course the game ends in a tie!