Blackhawks-Red Wings: Chicago Iced Out By Loss In Winter Classic

L. J. MatthewsContributor IJanuary 1, 2009

With Windy City temperatures hovering in the mid-twenties, the Chicago Blackhawks went down for a loss to the Detroit Red Wings. Wrigley Field, home of the world famous Chicago Cubs, hosted The Winter Classic between the two National Hockey League titans.

Sports fans of all types were in attendance—not just hockey fans. This game had generated tremendous interest and enthusiasm within the Chicago metropolitan area, as well as among the national and international sports community.

Played at an outside stadium rather than in an indoor arena, this hockey game gave fans an opportunity to enjoy this duel on ice in a way that is closer to how the game was played when it was invented.

The electric excitement surrounding this long-anticipated matchup was visible in the huge crowd of fans that appeared in Wrigleyville. Limousines containing the rich, the famous, and the celebrated lined up and discharged well-heeled passengers at the gates of this place of Hockey Heaven.

The area bars opened early today, many after hosting New Year parties just hours earlier. The talk in the bars was about getting in to see this special and historic game to see the Blackhawks beat the Redwings in this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Pregame festivities for the 40,000 plus crowd featured explosive fireworks and precision jet aircraft saluting the event overhead from a cloudy gray sky.

Unfortunately, hometown advantage, a strong Blackhawk effort, and a fired up crowd were not enough to score a mark in the win column for Chicago. The Chicago Blackhawks lost to the Detroit Red Wings 6-4.

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